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Thread: Hot seat?

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    Default Hot seat?

    Is there a way to play the Great Campaing form the basic M2TW? I have the Kingdoms expansion installed, but I can't play the standard Great Campaign in hot seat... though the game book says it is possible?
    What shall I do?

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    Greets, fellow hot seat seeker.
    I am also looking for guide for hot seat play. I will let you know if I find any answers. One thing I find with TW folks, they rarely answer questions, or respond to them in any useful way. So the only way I have found to get answers is by doing thread searches.

    A friend and I sat down to try to work it out ourselves but we are not happy with the results. Using my LAN we got the files to go back and forth, but don't think the other player should see our map, which unfortunately he does.
    We are transferring the autosave file after each player (two) executes his turn. But, again, this seems too unstable.

    Let me know if you do find any help. I promise to the same.
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    Default Re: Hot seat?

    I'd say we don't answer because your looking in the wrong place!

    Right now (Yes RIGHT NOW) in the forum Throne Room you will find a lot of threads. Going right now are at least 4 Hotseat Games (Some with Spare Spots) I am certain they'd be willing to answer your questions (Quite eager actually) Also have a look at the KotR (King of the Romans) game, which I think yiu'd like if you enjoy Hotseat.

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    Sorry for posting to another forum, but the answer to your question is found here.

    (make sure not to just paste it into the preferences, paste it over the old HOTSEAT text in the preferences)
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