Hey, I just wanted to shortly let you know that work on the mod hasn't stopped. It's a bit quiet at the moment because I have a lot of real life stuff to attend to (and when RL kicks in, modding will always take a back seat) and what little modding time I have I'm spending on figuring out some stuff about the campaign AI since making that as good as possible is probably the best way to make sure the game is interesting to play.

This is mainly not ground-breaking new research but more of a process of getting used to AI editing (which I hadn't done yet to any great extent) and to figure out what the AI's actual decision-making process involves. One annoying quirk I found so far is that the AI will often leave its settlements barely defended, even though they have free upkeep militia units available, and even runs a high risk of rebellion doing this. On the good side of things I was at least able to make the Sicilian Emirate seize control over Sicily within about 5 turns (no rebel stacks in most cities) by editing the map a bit.

I'll further look into this, and I hope we'll show you some additional progress soon (except for the great skins which Solo is working on)