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    Any suggestions plz go here...
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    Lightbulb Re: Suggestion Box

    I don't know if this post is supposed to go in this topic but when playing your beta I noticed somethings
    1. Cannons cannot attack buildings
    2. Cannonballs are invisible from one side, while they are visible from the other side
    3. there's something wrong with marauder horses (game crashes while loading)
    4. Shouldn't halberdeers be able to form a phalanx?
    5. outrider and handgunner attacks might be changed (thay attack now like slingers, which looks a little weird)
    6. this is just a beauty issue, but shouldn't there be smoke or something when cannons or handguns are fired?

    I hope these tips were usefull
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    Modfolder it.

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    Eufarius; It is modfoldered.

    Solus; The cannons will look a bit better next time, but the are intended as an anti-cavalry and anti-monster weapon - you'll get mortars for those pesky walls.

    Phalanxes I want to leave for Tileans, replcing the WHFB pike formation.

    Marauder horses will be fixed.

    Thanks for the sugestions though both of you!
    Mod leader of Warhammer; Total War


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