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    In the campaign startpos file there are several numbers (7) after the SetStartLeader command, does anyone know what they stand for?
    I tried to match them with the usual order of loyalty, acumen, dread, warcraft etc. but don' find any sense .

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    I'm pretty sure it's to do with what their name is and their vices and virtues. I think, I'm not certain though.
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    This string of numbers ties in with entries in your heroes.txt file, and effectively tells the game how many kings of each name have already been on the throne before the game began. It's a lot easier to explain with examples but I don't have the relevant files to hand.

    Roughly you'll see that in the startpos there is the setstartleader FN_whoever x y z ..... line.
    x says which "famous king" you start with, y tells you how many names are specified and will be followed by a string of numbers. If y=3 then there will be three number following it.

    In your heroes.txt the faction's names are listed, and the first few are Royal. In a case where you have three royal names then, the list would start with (eg)


    and your appropriate setstartleader line would read: FN_whoever 0 3 1 4 0 (eg)

    This means that your first king would be the first (0 is first, 1 second etc) in your list of "Famous kings" in heroes.txt. No if he was King Alfred, he would be Alfred I. Now, if Prince Billy comes to the throne later, he would become Billy V (as there were four Billies before the game), then if he's succeeded by King Chongo, he would be Chongo I because there were none before the game. Note that you also have to set the number of your famous king in heroes.txt . The "Adding a New Faction" guide explains it all in more detail if you download that

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    Thanks Rufus, it was not easy to suppose a matter of only royal names


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