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    I am curently playing as the aedui. And have the cities: Gawjam Habukoz, Gawjam Heruzkoz and Arctaunon, where the Gaizoz Alje = Celto-Germanic spearmen, acording to the unit card thread and the recriutment viewer, should be recrutable when I have time of Bondsmen (sp?) Wich I curently have, but can't find the unit in the 2. level of MIC's in neighter of those cities.
    Is this a bug or was the unit taken from the game or moved to time of Soldiers only?

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    In the RV You can see that You need MIC level 12 and this means second level after first Army Reform.
    You will be able to train this unit after reforms happen and after You upgrade Your MIC after reforms.
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