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    I've been slowly slaying brain-cells over the past couple of days trying to understand politics in 14th-15th century Friesland. How significant were the clans? Which were dominant? Were cities autonimous? What was the exact nature of the "monastic" civil war? Were there any political ties between Friesland and East Frisia in this period? I can't seem to find satisfactory answers elsewhere, so I figured I'd ask in here, before giving up on it completely. I'm intending to make a small modification for EU III, focused on expanding the Friesland experience, y'see.
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    Kingdom used to stretch untill Denmark, was a seperate kingdom like all dutch provinces. The 'civil war' happened because the duke who was supposed to rule the entire place had only juristiction of the western part and it broke up. What remained was later added to the kingdom of the netherlands after a few small wars.


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