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    I really like the voice modding in EB, which sounds authentic and adds immersion to the game.

    I wanted to ask: will any more voice modding be done to the RTW dialogue? I ask because in one of the pre-battle speeches a Romani general mentions 'cold steel' but I think that steel wasn't invented till the 12th or 13th century.

    Actually, I think there's some good voice talent in RTW, but the EB voice modding is much better!

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    Because of the complexity of prebattle speaches (I think the Romans have like 200 differnent lines), remaking them would be very difficult and if it ever happens, it won't happen soon.

    Actually, when you make a sword, if you know what you are doing, you can make a iron sword with a good amount of steel in it. By shoving the hot metal into coals, you can get carbon to enter the iron molecular structure creating steel. Then through a series of coolings, you can get the carbon to remain inside. The sword wouldn't be 100% steel, but the edges would be. Mass production of 'pure' steel for things like construction wasn't availabe until the beginnings of the industrial revolution.

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