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    Ο polemos kata tes Seleukeias
    The war against Seleukeia

    I know there are a lot of Makedonian AAR's already, but i felt i had to write this one. Its a story AAR, and the first few chapters are going to be very text heavy. Im already into a campaign, this AAR just details the war against the Arche Seleukeia, and the events during the time of the war.

    Chapter One
    Epaphras Phyllios was one of those gentle types, quiet and unassuming. The sort of person you overlooked at a party and didnt bother saying hello too. He was also one of those men that were taken for granted; he wasnt physically small, yet he wasnt the biggest of men either. So when he received a letter from the Basileus Alkyoneus Argeades asking for his partaking in a diplomatic mission with the Ptolemaioi, he was as surprised as the next man. He was living in Demetrias at the time and studying in the Akademia. It had been built only recently, during the reign of Alkyoneus, and was the foremost important school of learning in the Greek-speaking world, or so Alkyoneus liked to say. Epaphras Phyllios thought it a wonderful school, better equipped and funded than any in Athens, yet secretly he admitted to himself that perhaps the great library of Alexandria surpassed it.
    Here he was studying philosophy, physics, and mathematics, he was skilled in all, yet a master in no particular field. He had been a client of the Basileus for several years now, having worked for his father in the Epeirote war as a clerk to the chief diplomat of the day, Nicodermos. Epaphros had endured a small amount of fame after he managed to convince several thousand mercenary barbarians to switch sides and join the Makedonians. It was short-lived however, as Nicodermos slandered Epaphros and took the credit himself. This was what forced Epaphros to retire from the campaign and focus on his studies. He was prospering in Demetrias; he operated his own school for the sciences, aimed at younger children whose parents couldnt afford the richest tutors. It was in the study of his school when he received the courier carrying a missive from the Basileus. It read;
    Honourable Epaphras Phyllios, Hail!
    I hope this letter finds you in good health, as im sure what you are about to read will be quite a shock. As you well know, the war against the Ptolemaioi is in a stalemate. While we enjoyed the early successes, and now hold the southern coast from Halikarnassos to Antiocheia, I have found the new front to be a sea of endless battles, both sides neither gaining nor losing ground. This, I believe, is where you may be of service. I read your philosophies, and I must say I was intrigued. Your views on morality and self glory are obviously influenced by your past experiences, but the eloquence in which you put forward your arguments was nothing short of astounding. Which is why I have decided to appoint you my chief foreign ambassador and to act as a diplomat to secure a ceasefire from the Ptolemaioi. I know, I have heard it from my advisors non-stop, what does your philosophy have to do with being a diplomat? Well, I guess nothing; I just liked what you had to say. One of the perks of being Basileus, is you dont have to explain yourself to anyone. Please accept this position, it would do the Arche Makedonia and me a great service if you succeeded. I hope to see you soon, Alkyoneus Argeades.
    So that was how he ended up on a little trade boat headed east for Syria, and Alkyoneus Argeades mission. He arrived sometime late in the spring, and set about finding a place to live. Epaphras settled down in Antiochea, during an unbearable summer in which Alkyoneus and his companions were campaigning further south, somewhere near Sidon or Damaskos. Here he stayed for three months, studying the Ptolemaioi, their customs, their religion, and their military and political structure. By the time Alkyoneus invited him to dine with him late in the summer Epaphras had as much knowledge of the Ptolemaioi as he did his own countrymen. He settled down on his dining lounge, only two were set out, Epaphras was aware of the honour he was given by dining with Basileus by himself.
    Evening, Epaphras, I hope you find yourself well greeted the Basileus.
    Good evening Sire, I am in excellent health. It seems the heat has helped me trim my waistline!
    Excellent, excellent! Now, I am not about to beat around the bush. You know why you are here, and you know what I expect of you, said Alkyoneus.
    Hmm, yes sire, I understand perfectly. Replied Epaphras, a little overwhelmed by the Basileus frankness.
    Good, then lets eat. Afterwards we can discuss the finer points of your mission.
    The meal was a simple affair, bread, olives and grapes afterwards. The wine was watered down to one part wine, three parts water. The Basileus wanted all parties at their keenest intellect for this conversation.
    Right then, I want you to head south, Ive already arranged for a Ptolemaioi embassy to meet us in or some town close to Sidon in about two weeks time, said Alkyoneus.
    Sidon? Surely it would be better to show them our sincerity, and meet somewhere closer to home, I would have expected to travel to Alexandria herself, or at least somewhere in Egypt proper.
    Yes, thats what everyone tells me, but trust me on this Epaphras. It is of the utmost importance to the success of this mission that we hold the high ground. You remember two years ago Sidon was under Makedonian control yes? said Alkyoneus.
    Yes of course sire, word of the destruction of Sidon travelled fast.
    I wanted to send a message to those damned Ptolemaioi scum. I wont mess around, and I demand submission. However, I am a practical man, they hold most of their territories still, they have an army, albeit an army of new conscripts. They wont accept Makedonian rule, yet. Word has reached my ears of a war of far more significance in the future, and Makedonia cant be tied down in Egypt. In the years that I have been on this front, I conquered every town and city from Karia through to Syria. Not a single loss I suffered from the Ptolemaioi, every battle a victory. Yet still, their own arrogance keeps putting more armies in front of me. Im sick of it, they will have their time, where I will march south with my thousands, and destroy the mere memory of Ptolemy I. But not yet, I need you to order a ceasefire, ironclad. I want tribute, they pay me gold, or they pay in blood. Either way, I will get what I demand.
    Epaphras was shocked at the Basileus intensity; he never thought this man held such fortitude, such power!
    Put it in writing sire, and I will make sure it gets done. On my honour, you will get this ceasefire. Said Epaphras.
    Good, excellent! Get some sleep, for you leave tomorrow
    Yes Sire. I bid you farewell, said Epaphras, as he left.
    Epaphras travelled in some luxury for several days on his journey south to Sidon. He entered the city, the ghost city. The population all but gone, the town looted. The civil structures destruction rendered the city almost inhospitable for any sizeable population. So when Epaphras walked into his quarters, a merchants house that had managed to escape the destruction. He was filled with both pride and sorrow. Oh he was sure that the city would grow again, it had too much history and it was far too important to be forgotten and left. The Ptolemaioi had already begun repairs and new constructions.
    Two days later he received an invitation for a meeting with one Themixenos Andriakeios. He had heard of this man, he worked in the great library and was a much-revered historian. He travelled to the meeting confident, for he agreed with his Basileus fully, and was aware the Ptolemaioi must indeed be desperate, for them to accept a meeting in such a place was proof to this fact.
    Greetings noble Epaphras Phyllios, welcome to the realm of the mighty Ptolemaioi. The Pharaoh has spoken to me explicitly of what can be discussed here. He feels, Epaphras cut the man off before he could finish.
    Yes, yes im sure the Pharaoh has. However, what he has to say is of no importance, said Epaphras bluntly.
    You dare insult my Basileus in the mere opening sentences of our negotiations! shouted Themixenos, red faced with fury and indignation.
    Let me put it this way, the following sentences will be of utmost importance for your kingdoms survival, so listen well. My Basileus Alkyoneus Argeades has personally taken the field in every engagement with your armies, and as such, he is undefeated. Not once has he ever even been close to loss. Here is how it stands. There are no armies between here and Egypt proper, save for a few town garrisons and raw recruits. Alkyoneus Basileus could stroll down through your lands and sow destruction in his wake. Every city would fall. Your Basileus dead. Your entire realm would cease to exist. If Alkyoneus Basileus wished it so, fortunately for you, he does not. There can be only one result from this negotiation. I want a ceasefire and annual tribute accounting to twenty percent your entire income. There is no getting around this honourable Themixenos, you must accept. Or your country and people will die. The women raped in front of their children, and then both sold into slavery. The men slaughtered. The cities levelled. Do not make Alkyoneus Basileus angry, you would do well to accept this offer now. In return, we will grant you trading rights to your recently lost territories, those of Pamphylia through Syria. I think you will find this extremely generous. said Epaphras, he then turned and made to leave the room.

    I expect your acceptance in writing by the morning, I bid you farewell

    One week later he arrived back in Antiocheia, and one month later was back in his homeland of Thessalia. He was rewarded handsomely, he now owned several large farms and a mansion of magnificent opulence, and was awarded the nickname Andronikos, the victory of a man.

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    Default Re: Ο ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΗΣ ΣΕΛΕΥΚΕΙΑΣ - A Makedonian AAR

    ό βασιλευ! My congratulations are due for your great victories! May your foes continue to fear you and your AAR updates be plentiful!
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    Very nice!

    but well... you call this negociations? There is only one step further - drawing a circle around the feet of enemy king and demanding answer befor he steps out

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    Too Roman!

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    Ahhh, i confess! I just finished the First Man in Rome :P! Must have been where i got that idea from. Next chapter is being written as we speak, by chapter 3 i will have some good battles to do so the pictures will increase along with it. By the way keravnos, this is Pseudocaesar from RS, thanks for the title!
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    I figured it was you.
    I really like the regal approach you have with this.
    "Too Roman" wasn't adressed at you, (not that it couldn't have been, mind you) but at O ETAIPOS' comment...

    The circle in the Sand he mentioned was what the Romani did to Antiochos 4 after he had conquered Ptolemaic Egypt, forcing him to withdraw from Egypt or face the Romani might. He did, and took all his anger against the Hebrews (for all the good it did to him) resulting (among other things) to the celebration among Israelites known as Hanuka.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keravnos

    I figured it was you.
    I really like the regal approach you have with this.
    "Too Roman" wasn't adressed at you, (not that it couldn't have been, mind you) but at O ETAIPOS' comment...

    The circle in the Sand he mentioned was what the Romani did to Antiochos 4 after he had conquered Ptolemaic Egypt, forcing him to withdraw from Egypt or face the Romani might. He did, and took all his anger against the Hebrews (for all the good it did to him) resulting (among other things) to the celebration among Israelites known as Hanuka.
    Gaius Popilius Laenas to be precise!
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    Chapter 2

    Alkyoneus sat in a tent, well furbished due to the length of time the Basileus intended on camping the army. With the war against the Ptolemaioi wrapped up for the foreseeable future, Alkyoneus could turn his mind to more important issues, namely that of the Arche Seleukeia. Several important, and indeed worrisome reports had been delivered to him. Agents had been found in three major cities along the Ionian coast, Nikomedia, Pergamon, and Halikarnassos. All three were brutally tortured for any information; the first two gave nothing away. The third, and last to be caught, proved very useful indeed. The mere sight of the instruments laid on the table in front of him loosened his tongue more than any sum of gold could. The man was a pathetic wretch, without teeth, covered in sores and bites, matted hair, and emitted a horrible stench. Xenophantas Amphipolites, a relation of the Basileus, and the strategos commanding one of Arche Makedonias finest armies, was camped in Mysia, several hundred stadia from the city of Pergamon, on the north bank of the mighty Hermus River.
    Xenophantas went to personally see the captured spy. He looked at the man, not yet tortured, yet still looking abysmal. Xenophantas thought to himself how lucky the Arche Makedonia was in having this man delivered to them by the gods. Surely this was a gift of the mighty Olympians, here was the proof. The reason for the war with the Seleukids.
    Clean this man up. I have a use for him. Bring him to me tomorrow at dawn, he said. He turned and left, thinking about the possibilities this man presented. He slept happily that night, his mind full of plans and plots, and thinking of the reward he would receive when his plan payed off. He was woken by a slave just before the hint of dawns light sprayed across the distant mountains. He washed and had a simple meal to break his night fast and headed into the main section of his tent, which was essentially a large rectangle with a wall partitioning his sleeping and washing quarters. Here he found two royal guardsmen holding a man in chains. The different was remarkable, washed and clean-shaven, the man looked a world different.
    So, you have a name? asked Xenophantas.
    Dioceles, sir.
    And where are you from young Dioceles asked Xenophantas, as he noted the mans young age, perhaps not yet 25.
    Astyra, south of the Ida Mountains, in Mysia, Lord
    How does a young man such as yourself end up working for the mighty Arche Seleukeia?
    Not by my choice sir, you seemy father is a farmer. Was, a farmer. We had a dry season and couldnt pay back the moneylenders. Father gambled you see, so he lost all. I worked day and night for the farm, trying to make money. In the end it was all for nothing, they killed my father, seized his land and sold me as a slave to some Seleukid governor in Lydia. I was expendable, so they sold me as a body slave to some official in Halikarnassos. There I was to gather information, on Makedonian armies, finances, anything I could get. If I didnt gather information, they swore they would find my mother and kill her, so I did what I had too. I was there only two weeks when the man I was serving caught me in his study. The rest you already know.
    Pitiable story indeed. Lucky I am here in Mysia myself. Had you been taken to your local governor you would just be executed by now. However, I see you as a gift from the gods. I want you to escape and travel back to Lydia, and report for me a message. Of course, you overheard me telling this to the governor of Karia of course. Do you understand so far?
    Of course sir, governor of Karia sir said Dioceles, thanking his household gods he was not already dead.
    Good, good. So you are now back in Lydia, Sardis no doubt. You are also reporting to the governor, and telling him of your escaping when you feigned sickness to a guard. You will say you put your hand in your throat and made yourself empty your stomach. You will then say that as the guard bent down to roll you over, you stole his knife and sliced his neck. You then donned his armour, ditched it some distance from camp, and made haste to your current position. Understanding this so far? asked Xenophantas.
    Yes sir, sick, dead guard, armour, ran to Sardis.
    Good enough, flesh it out when you get there though wont you. Right, so your reporting to the governor, and what you have to say is extremely important. You are going to tell the governor that Basileus Alkyoneus Argeades himself is trapped in Syria, without reinforcements, and with an under strength army. You will tell him that the struggles with the Ptolemaioi are all but over, and he fears one more crisis could be the end of the Makedonians in Syria.
    What! Is thattrue? I thought that Alkyoneus Argeades had defeated Ptolemaios! stammered Dioceles in shock.
    Of course its not true. Its your job to make the Seleukids believe it is, said Xenophantas.
    I, I understand sire. Be assured of my loyalty. Your mercy is surpassed only by your intelligence. You can trust me completely.
    Good! said Xenophantas happily, Now go get your rest, you leave this night. I will have a guard take you back to your cell. For their may indeed be spies in this very camp. We cannot afford risks im afraid. I will station an extra guard on your tent, he will give you his armour, so that you may escape. It is important that this be believable. However, armour is expensive, so dont ruin it. Leave it one mile from the camp, somewhere noticeable. I bid you good luck in this venture. Oh by the way, upon your return, which you should actually stay in Sardis for a while and get information for us come to think of it, anyway yes. When you return, you will be revoked of your slave status, and rewarded handsomely, said Xenophantas with a smile.
    I cannot even begin to say how grateful I am sir. I will not fail in this task
    The weeks went by, Xenophantas kept his army busy with drills and training exercises, yet without some sort of conflict they would turn soft. Something interrupted his monotony, he received word his plan had worked, Dioceles had returned two weeks ago bringing news of his success. Xenophantas sent a rapid letter off to Alkyoneus who was waiting in Syria telling him the details. Along with that, Dioceles had reported that the Anatolian cities were dangerously undefended, with no standing army for weeks in any direction. Xenophantas knew what his plan of action would be, Alkyoneus had met with him and Theogenos Alorios, the Strategos of the third grand Makedonian army, in Kypros over the winter in secret. Alkyoneus praised Xenophantas genius plan, and how it fell perfectly into Makedonian plans. Here was an excuse for war!
    We need not break any treaty and be seen as the aggressor. I head back for Syria in two days time, Theogenos, stay here in Kypros for the winter, train your men, drill them hard and keep them lean. Xenophantas, return to Mysia, and prepare for war. If all goes to plan, come spring, Theogenos will land on the Pamphylian coast and head north through the mountains, and come down into the Phrygian plains, where, if the timing is successfulhe will lay siege to Ipsos, right at the time you besiege Sardis, Xenophantas, said Alkyoneus with a smile.
    About bloody time Basileus! Oh this warms my heart and fills my soul with cheer. My men grow fat on cheap wine and young whores. I shall set them straight, military camp, military law. Time to tighten the belt indeed! exclaimed Xenophantas.
    A thankyou to Xenophantas intelligence and foresight, without either this undertaking would not be possible, added Theogenos.
    Hear, hear! exclaimed Alkyoneus.
    The three most important people in the entire Arche Makedonia parted ways, Alkyoneus, heading back to Syria, Xenophantas to sail around to Mysia, while Theogenos stayed in Kypros for the winter. Fortune was clearly on the Makedonians side, everything playing into their hands. The Arche Makedonia hasnt suffered a defeat this generation, the borders never extending this far since Mega Alexandros himself conquered the world. Alkyoneus was in Syria when his scouts reported a large force heading west through Assyrie, looking like they were moving on Syria. He decided to stay put in Antiocheia, and wait for the reports, it must be that the Seleukids attack Makedonian territory first, not the other way around.
    Two days later Alkyoneus received a Royal guardsman, bearing a letter. He opened it and read it fast. Then read it again to be sure.
    Summon my Strategou, and alert the army, we break camp at dawn.
    He sat down, and read the letter again,

    Basileus Alkyoneus Argeades, Hail!
    Report. Seleukid army in Syria. 50000 strong. Mostly infantry, no Elephants. Travelling west, making direct course for Makedonian camp at Antiocheia. Forces are hostile. Repeat, forces are hostile.

    About bloody time, he said aloud to himself, Xenophantas, you are a genius.
    The army was up and moving before noon the next day, the line of soldiers extending for stadia back, the baggage train to follow at a slower pace and enter the camp well after its established every night. Alkyoneus scouts reported the Seleukid army at an alarmingly close distance, at night; the glow of their camp could be seen on the horizon. Alkyoneus formed his army on a vast and empty plain, the wind was strong, yet not too overbearing. Strong enough to blow the dust away and improve visibility.
    The Seleukids will get a shock, this is much more than a depleted force on its last legs in a dying struggle against the Ptolemaioi indeed, said Alkyoneus to Dikaios, his senior general.
    I do wonder if they will even fight sire, Dikaios replied, They are just as likely to turn and flee.
    Ohnotheyll fight. Dont worry about that. Have the troops been deployed?
    Yes sire, with a weakened centre just as you ordered.
    Good work. We are pretty evenly matched, however, my left flank is weak. I only have Thureophoroi to match against the Seleukid Hypaspistai. They must hold them long enough for the Hetairoi to flank them. Have the Syrian archers form across the entire front of the Pezhetairoi. I want to conceal our formation as long as possible.

    The Enemy.

    The Center.

    The Left.


    The Right.

    On the right flank, the Pezhetairoi were engaged with the Seleukid Hypaspistai, open to flanking from the Makedonike Pheraspides.

    On the left flank, the Thureophoroi are losing ground to the superior Hypaspistai and Pheraspides, forcing the Hetairoi to circle around and join the fight.

    On the right flank, the Thessalians notice a gap in the line, and make for it so they can then turn onto the rear of the Seleukid line.

    The plan works and they slam into the rear of the Seleukid Pheraspides.

    The left flank is winning, pushing back the Seleukids. The Hetairoi's repeated charges on the flanks are causing more and more casualties.

    The centre is under threat, the flanks need to win, and fast.

    The Basileus himself enters the fray, charging the rear of the left flank.

    The Seleukid general sees the Makedonian Basileus, and charges blindly, he is quickly surrounded and cut down by the Makedonian Hetairoi.

    At almost the exact moment the Seleukid general dies, the Seleukid flanks both rout, leaving the Makedonians free to turn their attention on the centre.

    The centre is still under severe strain, and the cavalry is far from support yet, the Peltastai behind the main lines notice the strain, and without orders, heroically charge in support of the Makedonian Pezhetairoi.

    Finally, the Hetairoi and Thessalians along with the Basileus all arrive and charge the rear centre.

    The Seleukids see their destruction is imminent, and try and flee.

    None, save the fastest sprinters escaped.

    Alkyoneus awoke sometime in the evening, he was still utterly exhausted after the battle. He hardly slept, images of the battle kept waking him up. He rolled over and fell back asleep almost instantly.
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    That's GREAT!

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    Thanks Keravnos!
    Im working like 6 days this week so chapter 3 is still a few days away. (If anyone is reading! :P)
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    Chapter 3 Enantion Seleukeias
    Theogenos army was camped in the south east of Lydia, within shouting distance of the small enemy camp; he finally had them, they were too close to flee and would have to face him in battle. The enemy army was small in size, with only levy hoplitai and akontistai with a small cavalry force. At first he thought the army was a small Seleukid force, perhaps mapping the region or some such task. He followed them northwest through the Pamphylian Mountains and caught up with them on the north side of the Meander River. His scouts reported that they werent Seleukid, but local rebels pillaging the lands and seeking easy pickings in the recently conquered Makedone territory.
    Sound fall out, form up outside the camp ordered Theogenos.
    At the sight of the massive Makedonian show of force the rebels broke camp and ran, with nowhere to hide they ran to the top of a nearby hill and resolved themselves to their fate.
    Why dont they just surrender? said Nicanus, Theogenos second in command.
    They realise that the alternative is death anyway, or a life in slavery. Best die by the sword with a sword in your hand dont you think? replied Theogenos.
    Theogenos decided he needed only a small force, and did not bother to commit his entire infantry. He formed up four battalions of Argyraspidai and began the march up the hill. Theogenos and his Thessalian heavy cavalry to the rear and left of the Argyraspidai line. Theogenos ordered a slow advance, not wanting to tire out his troops to soon. The rebel akontistai started throwing their javelins into the ranks of Argyraspidai, yet their lack of skill coupled with the many Sarrisae in the air and the heavy armour of the Argyraspidai meant that they had almost no effect at all, just as Theogenos assumed.

    The rebels knew what their fate was, and so charged down the hill in full force at the Makedone line, the Argyraspidai held however.

    The rebels were slowly whittled down and pinned in place as Theogenos wheeled his cavalry around the flank and hit them in the rear, slaughtering them with ease.

    Only one man remained, thrashing his sword like a madman, his spear long since snapped. Theogenos knew he must be the commander, so he wanted him left alive. He called off the troops, and went and spoke to the man.
    Throw down your sword, come talk with me. I feel you have a lot to tell me. Indulge me this favour, and I will spare your life. By Hades, if you give me good enough information I might even pay you
    The man was beyond exhaustion, the effects of adrenaline in the heat of battle long gone. His blood lust evaporated, his wits returning, he looked up at the impressive Strategos on his shining horse and smiled.
    What can I do for you lord? said the man.
    Well that is entirely up to yourself. You can introduce yourself after you wash. I will meet you in my command tent in two hours, said Theogenos.
    Theogenos went and seen his men, still dispatching the dying rebels, and taking what weapons and armour they thought useful and piling it up a short distance away, a pile of mixed helmets and Hoplon shields, which will most likely be melted down or sent to Makedonian cities to arm the local garrison. The Argyraspidai Taxiarch saluted Theogenos as he rode towards the main line.
    What's the butchers bill Kortios?
    Seventy wounded, 60 from missile wounds. No dead sir, replied the Argyraspidai Taxiarch, Kortios.
    No dead? Well we truly are beloved of the gods. Make good sacrifices tonight Kortios, lest they fall out of favour with us Theogenos said seriously.
    Aye sir, I do regularly, said Kortios.
    Good, good. Anything useful? Theogenos asked as he inclined his head towards to the pile of weaponry.
    They were poorly equipped brigands sir, several hundred good shields and helmets however, suitable for town garrison levies and the like
    Good enough, have the wounded treated, and the bodies burnt. We continue north at dawn
    Theogenos headed for his tent, where a slave was waiting with hot water to bathe him. After washing and having a simple meal, he received the commander of the rebel force.
    Do you have a name? asked Theogenos.
    Hesperos Sphettios Attikos, I hail from Eleusis
    Eleusis, west of Athenai?
    The very one sir. I ran away when I was 14, jumped on the first trader leaving Piraeus. The rest is history I suppose, you know how it goes and all
    No. Im afraid I dont know how it goes at all im afraid. Now, Im going to level with you here Hesperos. You have made a living plundering and raiding villages and people in Makedonian territory. You should be dead, but as it stands, we are at war with the Seleukids. So im using my superior intellect to make two and two equal four. Four being you know information that I want to know, and your going to tell me it, simple really.
    Ah well, I dont really have a choice or say in the matter now do I said Hesperos.
    No. said Theogenos simply.
    Well, I spent the last year roaming around southern Lydia, and I can tell you. The Seleukidai are pretty thick skulled, they have no major military presence in the entire region, save for the garrison of Sardis, which is comparatively weak considering the size of the region and its location. The same can be said for Phrygia. My guess is they are tied up in the east, as the whole of Mikra Asia is kind of devoid of soldiers.
    Is there anything else worthwhile you feel I should know? Before I decide what to do with you? said Theogenos.
    Nothing that comes to mind oh mighty lord. Please be merciful, surely this information is useful! pleaded Hesperos.
    It is, in a way, but then again its nothing my own scouts and spies wont be reporting to me in the following weeks said Theogenos bluntly.
    Guards, take this man back to his cell
    NO! Please! Wait! I have more! I remember now. I remember! Please let me tell you
    Dont embarrass yourself. Be a man said Theogenos as he looked down at the man struggling to get back onto his knees after the scuff with the guards.
    Epaphras Phyllios! Epaphras PHYLLIOS! Hesperos shouted desperately.
    Stop, the guardsmen put the man down, What name did you just say demanded Theogenos.
    Epaphras Phyllios sir. He defected, I heard tale from a merchant not two months ago. We were at the, the campfire one night and he, he told us about the damages war will bring on his business. Said something like war is inevitable. The Diadochi are all geared up for another great struggle for Megas Alexandros Empire and he told us the story of Epaphras Phyllios and his treaty with the Ptolemaioi. Said apparently he got bored in his new mansion, so he decided to offer his services to the governor of Lydia, for a predictably large sum of money too. I think he might even still be in Sardis lord. I swear, this is what I have heard. I am not lying I am just repeating what was told to me said Hesperos desperately.
    Youre not lying? If you are you wont even begin to know what pain awaits you. You even mentioning the name of a Makedonian hero such as Epaphras in this way should be enough to put you to death.
    I swear lord, it is what I heard. Please, see for yourself! Send someone! Find out!
    Guards, take him back to the cells. He will travel with us for a time now
    The guards escorted the man out, Theogenos sat down and ran his hands through his hair. If this were true, the repercussions are incomprehensible. What of the ceasefire he organised with the Ptolemaioi. What has he told the Seleukidai? What does he know of Alkyoneus plans? Technically nothing thought Theogenos, but Epaphras was a famous and respected man, he would be privy to all sorts of information that he shouldnt be. Theogenos also thought of what the rebel had told him. Anatolia was devoid of any significant army. Its true Theogenos would have found out eventually, but not for many months and while he was on campaign. The Seleukidai must have seriously expected a weakened army in Syria, otherwise why gamble such a large force, leaving Anatolia open. They were sure of victory that day, and in practice, ensured their own eventual defeat. Theogenos pulled forward a piece of parchment, and drafted a letter detailing everything he had been told, and everything else he pieced together on the situation. The letter was dispatched that night, under strict orders that none but Xenophantas Amphipolites could read it.
    Theogenos marched further north, with no real clear intent on his path as of yet, he was waiting on word from Xenophantas to the situation in Lydia, he decided to make a fortified semi permanent camp and wait for a week or two.
    * * *
    In the time since their first encounter Xenophantas and Dioceles friendship grew steadily, so that now Dioceles appears at every dinner with the Strategos and his officers, and visits Xenophantas regularly. When Dioceles was told of the letter sent by Theogenos he was as shocked as the rest, but he wasted no extra time dwelling on the subject, perhaps he didnt feel so betrayed. Xenophantas asked Dioceles to find out the truth in the matter, and so he journeyed south into Lydia and headed east for Sardis. He arrived at the city and went to the governors office, where he asked to be directed to one Epaphras Phyllios, on pretence of delivering a letter from one of Epaphras close friends. Dioceles was searched, and after finding nothing but a roll of parchment, he was escorted to Epaphras Phyllios residence. It was rather opulent, with large gardens and slaves tending to the plants. Epaphras Phyllios walked into the entrance hall and met Dioceles, took the letter and left without a word.
    Arrogant ass, thought Dioceles, I wish I could see him open the letter. It was a good thing he wasnt there to witness the letter Epaphras Phyllios received;

    Epaphras Phyllios, Hail!
    I sincerely hope you are in good health and are enjoying the time spent among the Seleukidai. I do wonder at what sort of person would be turned by money, for the sake of their national honour. I do wonder indeed. Why dont you tell me what sort of person would do such a thing, Epaphras Phyllios. For you have done the very deed yourself! It is funny, how long did you think it would be until we learned of your betrayal. I hereby announce you have been branded a traitor, and a standing death issue is placed upon your head with a one-talent reward. I hope your forsaking your honour proves worthwhile, and may the gods smile on your health and long life.
    Xenophantas Amphipolites.

    Xenophantas sent a second letter, which Theogenos received at almost the same time Epaphras received his own.

    Theogenos Alorios, Hail!
    Alas Strategos, my own client confirmed the treachery himself. How disgusting, it makes one sick to the very stomach to even contemplate betrayal doesnt it? I cant begin to imagine the sort of things would make me contemplate such a vile act. Anyway, with that horrible business behind us, it is time to move on. My spies report that Lydia is void of any military presence, save for the garrison of Sardis. I intend to lay siege upon the city within the following weeks. As it stands, I will no doubt be at the walls of Sardis as you are reading this letter. I am not your commander, yet I urge you travel north, lay siege to Ipsos and secure Phrygia. Basileus Alkyoneus is heading east, and we must catch up with him. I hope you are in good health, may the gods be with you.
    Xenophantas Amphipolites.

    So thats what Theogenos decided to do. He marched north, and besieged the city of Ipsos.

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    Very nice! Great writing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaivs
    He was rewarded handsomely, he now owned several large farms and a mansion of magnificent opulence, and was awarded the nickname Andronikos, the victory of a man.
    I wanted to change my name and I was thinking about the name Andronikos and your translation confirmed it (I did not know what does it mean, only heard it before), so you can say that I stole your idea

    btw great AAR, some very nice screenshots, you should compete in screenshot of the month

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    seriously good AAR mate, keep it up!

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    Sorry for the delay guys, i just got back from melbourne. I went to the Big Day Out festival and to the Dream Theater concert (Awesome). Il slowly put together a new update soonish.
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    Great story so far. Keep it up!

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    Chapter 4
    Theogenos Alorios army was camped outside the city of Ipsos, and had been for about three weeks now. He wasnt in a rush, he wanted the people of Ipsos to feel the pull as they tightened their belts, and so he let them stew. All the roads around the city were patrolled, and torches lit at night to stop any would be escapees from leaving the city. He had been told by his scouts two days ago that a small Seleucid army was on its way to the city to try and lift the siege, his scouts say it is a pitiful number of troops, so Theogenos isnt worried, he just sits and waits for them to show their faces. Which is what they did two days later, the army that arrived and offered battle was less than half the size of Theogenos own force, even including the soldiers from within Ipsos.

    The smaller army was obviously bait, they were going to form up in battle line and then orderly retreat until the second, larger, army could spill out of the city at which point they would both attack Theogenos from the front and rear. It looked good on parchment, but Theogenos knew it wouldnt work, both commanders lacked skill, and without communication they wouldnt be able to effectively organise themselves. He knew this because no one or nothing was allowed in or out of the city, so that was why he followed the smaller army at speed, keeping them running. He sent his Thureophoroi ahead at a run, not at the enemy, but in a diagonal line away and past them. He knew what would happen, the enemy commander got spooked at the sight of troops and began to turn away. He was putting more and more distance between the two enemy armies, and while the first army was caught up and confused by the Thureophoroi, he sent forward his Pezhetairoi, and cut them off. They had no choice but to stand and fight, and were slaughtered, Theogenos and the Thessalian Cavalry charged into the rear and they were all but killed to a man.

    Turn the army around, the forces from within the city are still approaching us ordered Theogenos.

    The army halted, raised their sarrisae and turned on point, and began their march. Theogenos ordered a turn, bringing his army up on a level angle to the enemy army, while his troops were still manoeuvring though, the enemy charged. Because of the turn and the angle to the army, the right flank wasnt formed up and almost every battalion of Pezhetairoi were by themselves and unprotected. The entire Seleukid army attacked his right flank, although they were less than half his number, a concentrated attack on one flank could prove disastrous.

    Double speed, form up on the right! Form up! Yelled Theogenos.
    For all his shouts and orders, the right half of his army simply couldnt get in line fast enough.
    Theogenos rode along the line, shouting orders to his Taxiarchai, he pushed his left flank forward, and ordered his Thureophoroi to double speed ahead, while the Pheraspidai on the extreme right were ordered to double time it out from the battle, and then to swing around and fall back in from the side and rear. He ordered the Pezhetairoi on the right to simply stop where they were, he then ordered his left to swing around and turn the battle line to the right. While this was going on the enemy made contact with his right, which had forced itself into some resemblance of a line, Theogenos own line extended far beyond the Seleukid force, so he turned it in on the side, making to trap the Seleukids. A division of Lonchophoroi charged the Pezhetairoi as they were making the manoeuvre, but the Argyraspidai in the centre positioned themselves well and truly before the Lonchophoroi made contact, and were ready, Sarrisae in the air, as the cavalry ran headlong into a wall of spears.

    The shock from the force of the charge knocked several dozen Argyraspidai to the ground, they got up but their spears were either dropped or broken, and were forced to pull their swords.

    They fought on, and gained the upper hand almost immediately, the cavalry simply couldnt reach an Argyraspides, and when Theogenos ordered the Thureophoroi that he had sent forward earlier to fall back in on the rear of the cavalry, the Lonchophoroi were destroyed.

    Theogenos now turned his full attention toward the right flank, the two battalions of Pheraspidai that he had sent off earlier were now in position suitable for a charge on the rear of the Seleukid Klerouchoi and Pantodapoi Phalangitai. Theogenos and his Thessalians flew along behind the Makedonian line, most of which wasnt even engaged in any fighting, he ordered his Thureophoroi to make for the Seleukids, travelling along the front of the line however. Theogenos and the cavalry broke out from behind the ranks of Pezhetairoi and flew out and around the Seleukid phalanx; it was a classic flanking manoeuvre from the days of Alexandros.

    The hammer and anvil was displayed in all its devastating fury. The rear ranks of the Seleukid phalanx were literally smashed into each other, and crushed, bone, flesh and armour mingled together in a grotesque scene.

    Yet still, the Seleukids held, some turning to face the cavalry. These were men defending their city, and knew they had no option save for victory or death. So still they fought on, Theogenos pulled back the cavalry, which was not well suited for too prolonged melee.

    The Pheraspidai charge in as the cavalry swing around out from the battle and line up for a second charge. The Pheraspidai begin cutting the Seleukids to pieces, using holes in the line and spilling in, slaughtering the phalanx, inefficient at such close quarter hand-to-hand combat. They quickly get scared, and begin to lose cohesion.

    Theogenos sees the despair begin to seep throughout the Seleukid army, and orders a charge, and successfully routs the entire line.

    The Pheraspidai begin to tear after the Seleukids, and chased them, slaughtering all who were caught. They kept chasing them until their own exhaustion caused them to cease the annihilation.

    Three hundred and sixty Makedonians were injured that day, not a single casualty was suffered. Nearly fifteen thousand Seleukids were slaughtered that day, the most successful battle in the history of the new Arche Makedonia.
    Later historians would say that on this same day, Basileus Alkyoneus captured the Seleukid city of Edessa.

    The real truth was Alkyoneus besieged and captured the city on the same day, just two weeks later. The same number of enemy were killed, just under fifteen thousand, yet Alkyoneus lost several hundred taking the walls, and the bitter fighting in the streets left almost a thousand more Makedonians wounded.

    Both commanders set to the task of administering the new provinces, during this Theogenos was told of an additional fortune in taking the city of Ipsos, it was part of the old Odos Persike Basilike, the Persian Royal Road. The taxes levied upon traders, and the additional trade that this road brought itself boosted the Makedonian treasury immensely.

    Theogenos, after making sure affairs in Ipsos were settled, took his army, and marched east, for Galatia.
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    Sorry I chime in so late. But this is a great AAR. Keep going!

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    i guess thats just the life of an AAR writer, perpetually lonely, :P
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    AAAH too many good AAR's around. I can't get responses out to every one I read unfortunately. Besoide that. Very nice AAR. Looking to see how you are gonna play it.
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    This isnt dead. Im back at Uni now, so its on the back burner...but i've written the next chapter, i just gotta compile images and upload it all.
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    Just a reminder - please don't forget this AAR.

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    Forgive me for so many images on this first page. Also i forgot to right at the start, Id like to thank Keravnos for the title, Greek and English versions!
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    Chapter 5

    Around the time Theogenos was camped somewhere in south west Galatia, the Governor of Nikaia, Charition, received word that one of the Seleukid royal family was seeking refuge somewhere to the south of the city in Phrygia. He was told by a farmer’s son who, being partial to the Makedonians as his grandfather served with Alexander himself, rushed to the city of Nikaia. He was unaware of Theogenos Alorios being the same distance, and infinitely more important a man to tell, so he went to the Greek city of Nikaia. Captain Charition (he had awarded himself this rank, as he had never served in the military up until this moment) took command of a taxeis of old style Greek Hoplitai Haploi levied from the native populace, and also a contingent of Thraikioi Doryphoroi, armed with wooden shields, fire hardened javelins and spears. Captain Charition travelled south along the river Sangarius, and two slow winter days later, found the fugitive Seleukid and his rag tag bodyguard.
    He offered battle on a harsh winters day, unexpected by the Seleukid (who Charition found out to be Andromachos Syriakos) who expected to be safe until at least the spring melted the snow and opened up a proper campaigning season. The Hoplitai Haploi opened the battle, after catching up with Andromachos over the crest of a small hill. The Thraikans released their javelins and entered the fray with fervour far above what their skill level dictated. The Thraikans distinguished themselves immensely, forsaking order and formation in the lust of slaughter. Not to say Charition and his Hoplitai Haploi were in some way cowardice or not giving their full though.

    One Thraikan in particular was awarded lavishly, for he was the one that brought down Andromachos. Taruthin (who’s name ironically means “Holding a spear”) was the man who killed Andromachos with a spear through his kidney up into his lungs, killing him before he hit the ground.

    This actually is "Taruthin" killing Syriakos.
    The remaining cavalry all stopped and simply looked at their dead Strategos, and in the seconds that they wasted in doing so, every one of them was killed, almost too easily.
    Xenophantas and his most trusted friend Dioceles were sitting in his command tent, talking about life, poetry, philosophy, and well, anything they fancied. It was a ritual of the two, who had become such good friends as to be almost brothers. They would simply recline, and talk about whatever was on their minds, be it the current war, their thoughts on the future, or a slave girl they might be interested in sharing. As it was, they had plenty of spare time of evenings lately; the siege of Sardis was a long process. Xenophantas did not want to blood his troops on the walls of such a fortified city, so he simply closed the city and let it starve. His soldiers needed field battles, smaller skirmishes and more practice to gain confidence before attempting such a mammoth task as capturing a city of this size. So he set to the months and passed time by drilling his troops and training them to perfection. Everything was well, from the Taxeis themselves to Xenophantas in his tent. He had been camped in front of the city for several months by now, and this particular after dinner conversation was focussed on the staleness of their current state.
    “Yes well, sir I can see why,” said Dioceles.
    “I can only train them and drill them for so long. They are bored, Im bored. Everyone’s bored. We must do something, something!”
    Dioceles sat in silence, he knew Xenophantas well, and knew of his intelligence, when he gets like this its best to sit and wait, because within several minutes he will have a solution. He always does.
    Less than several minutes later Xenophantas looked up at Dioceles.
    “Killed a man before?” he asked.
    “No. Not through lack of courage or skill. The need has never arisen is all” said Dioceles calmly.
    “Good, good. Get in the city, kill whoever is in charge, and open the gates for my soldiers.”
    “What, you want me like a spy. An assassin? To kill in the shadows with no honour?”
    “No, not at all. Simply walk up to him. Wherever he may be, whomever he may be with, and put a knife in between his ribs. Tell the people that their city is now a part of the Arche Makedonia, not the Arche Seleukeia. Give them something, promise them lower taxes than the Seleukidai enforced. The people don’t care who’s in charge as long as they get more money in their own pockets. Take this gold with you, to bribe heralds, pay off the bodyguards what have you.”
    “Yes sir, consider Sardis already under your control” replied Dioceles.
    The next day at noon, Xenophantas heard a great amount of noise and commotion outside his tent, and strolled outside to see what was going on. The army Taxiarchai were rousing the soldiers, and forming them up for battle.
    “What is the meaning of all this?” He demanded of his senior Taxiarch.
    “The gates are open sir, I ordered the army to assemble for a possible attack or defence” replied the man, named Dropidas, son of Alexandros (not Alexandros III Megas).
    “Oh. Well, yes I can’t really blame you for that. Good work Dropidas, but you see, in a few moments you will see in any case, I was waiting for this to happen. So because I wanted this to happen, you have no cause for alarm. Ah here we are,” he said in his usual style, fast and sometimes giving the impression he is talking to himself.
    Out walked about ten men, one holding himself significantly higher than the others in the group. The Makedonian army stood in ranks, perfect discipline, armour glistening, standards fluttering in the breeze. The group of officials from the city shared glances, look at that army! Not possible that we could stop them capturing the city.
    “Ho Xenophantas!” said Dioceles with a smile.
    “Dioceles. You’ve made a good show of yourself here. Bring yourself and these gentlemen into my tent. We can talk in private.”
    They all followed Xenophantas into his tent, he had issued orders on the way, told the soldiers to return to the camp, said they wont be seeing a battle today. Xenophantas had trained his men to construct a very uniform camp, based on two main highways, bisecting the camp in both directions. The four areas were then further divided into smaller and smaller segments, right down to tent level, each row of tents with its own lane; Xenophantas’ army was now quite adept at building fortified camps. All of this added to the amazement of the town officials of Sardis, who had now firmly made up their minds as to what the right choice was to make. They arrived back at Xenophantas’ tent, where suitable furniture was provided. A long table with two benches either side, Xenophantas sat with Dioceles whilst the others sat on the opposite side.
    “So, Dioceles. I am dying to hear your tale” said Xenophantas.
    “Nothing to it sir, I got up on the bottom of a statue in the busiest spot I could find. Demanded to see who was in charge, put a sword in his ribs, and told the people they are under Makedonike rule from this point on. They sort of looked at me odd like, and then these fellows you see here came bustling over. Asked me to come down, I explained it to them, and they came out here to meet you.”
    “I see, well that went to plan didn’t it? I honestly didn’t expect it to go so... so perfectly!”
    “Uh yes, well that’s why we decided to come and see you. You see, the townspeople don’t much like the Seleukidai, as the previous governor was insatiable in his lust for money and he taxed this town at ridiculous levels. When this man here told us about your plans for low tax rates, we who represent the peoples interest, jumped at the opportunity so to speak,” said one of the city officials.
    “Well that works well. I will assess the cities income, and adjust taxes accordingly. I will leave you men here in charge of the city, just see to it that we get our income. I will install a garrison, but nothing to severe, more like a levy to police the streets and markets. I will draft everything up for you and send you the official documents and notices tomorrow at dawn. Good day gentleman, you may leave,” he said.

    With Sardis capitulating without a fight, Xenophantas headed north with his army, bypassing Galatia where Theogenos and his army are, and heading into Pontike territory. The pro-Seleukidai lap dog of the Euxine coast, they would prove to be too dangerous and too close to home for Xenophantas’ liking.
    Alkyoneus was now sitting at the walls of Karkathiokerta, he had arrived around a month or so ago, his army walking over a crest, looking down at a grand field with the city at the opposite end nestled in a valley. It was a beautiful city, in a beautiful place, for a moment Alkyoneus was stunned into stillness while he took the setting in. He made a decision then that this was the place he was going to retire in, aside from its beauty it was a good position to command the war in the east through his Strategou like Xenophantas and Theogenos. Alkyoneus had not been wasting time however; he had ordered his men to construct massive ladders and a siege tower that surpasses the height of the wall. He was with his bodyguard, a little distance back, there was not a great deal he could do yet, he had to rely upon his infantry to scale the walls and kill the defenders.

    It would not be so difficult, the town was poorly defended, and rather wait for them get reinforced he attacked as soon as the siege equipment was ready. As the massive tower and the ladders approached the walls he ordered his Sphendonetai to fire upon the wall, to repel the defenders and keep them occupied while the ladders are being raised and climbed.

    Although they are not suited typically for capturing walls, he ordered his veteran Pezhetairoi to man the siege tower, as they are the strongest and most armoured troops he has in his army. His army was old, not quite up to the same calibre as the other major armies in the Arche Makedonia, yet Alkyoneus loved his men, and was sure they could defeat any force sent against them. The Pezhetairoi started streaming out of the tower, rushing for the main gate, where the Seleukidai Klerouchoi Phalangitai were waiting. The Klerouchoi panicked and forgot themselves, charging at the Makedonike soldiers. Alkyoneus hoped they would do this, which is why he held the ladders back until the tower was in place. The Thureophoroi who were now climbing their ladders launched onto the wall and fell onto the rear of the Klerouchoi, destroying them completely.

    The two battalions on the wall quickly secured the gateway, and the towers surrounding the nearest entrance, the Taxiarch ordered groups of fifty to spread out and capture the remaining towers, killing any who resisted, and disarming those who surrendered.
    Alkyoneus ordered a full advance, and sent four battalions of Pezhetairoi through the now open gateway, where a single battalion of Pantodapoi Phalangitai rushed to engage them, however the Makedonike Phalanx was already through, and they were quickly overwhelmed and destroyed.

    The remaining Seleukidai all retreated back to the town centre, hoping to defend the residence of the local satrap. Alkyoneus began to move his troops through the town, he sent the largest force, the four battalions of Pezhetairoi straight ahead from the gate up the main road. He positioned two battalions of Thureophoroi to the north, and cavalry to the northwest. In the town centre was the Seleukidai Strategos; Sarpidon Syriakos, some Eastern Axemen, and a division of Persian Heavy Cavalry.

    The Pezhetairoi marched forward, and upon reaching the town square were charged by the entire cavalry force. This was not expected and through them into a moment of disarray.

    Alkyoneus, who was with the cavalry to the north, ordered his Thureophoroi to charge into the town square, and hold the Eastern Axemen in place while he assisted the Pezhetairoi.

    His plan worked, and his bodyguard alongside a division of Prodromoi cavalry charged the rear of the Seleukidai cavalry.

    They were slaughtered with ease and efficiency, and Alkyoneus then turned his attention to the Axemen.

    With the town centre captured, he ordered his men to capture the Satrap, but was unfortunately dead by the time they arrived. Naked in his bath, his veins open, turning the water crimson. Alkyoneus didn’t really care; he was only going to kill the man anyway.
    With the capture of Karkathiokerta, and another region where the Persian Royal Road passes through, the income of the Arche Makedonia has reached record levels.

    Alkyoneus is a smart man, and lets none of it gather dust. He is constantly issuing funds for building projects in every major city of every province. So, although his treasury is at much the same level of wealth on hand as it has always been, far more of it is recirculated and used up. Not like the old Persian Empire, hoarders and terrible rulers. Some cities have been woefully governed lately, and he set to rectify this. He upgraded the roads and civic structures in every town, with a focus on economical and population pleasing buildings like Theatron’s, Agora’s and Asklepieions. This was a breath of fresh air for the people living in these towns, used to funding for military structures at the sake of public service, as such, everyone was happy to be under the Makedonike rule, and Alkyoneus had a very stable empire. Alkyoneus, with affairs settled in Karkathiokerta, heads not east, but west. He takes his army and heads back for Antioch, not too far from the frontier, but closer to home, where he settles in for a stay. He adds new recruits to his depleted army, and upgrades their old battered arms and armour.
    Winter has hit Asia Minor; Theogenos’ army has run out of supplies, the city of Ankyra however, has food for maybe years. He decided it would be most prudent to capture the city by force, and with the city, their food supply.

    So that’s how it was, he ordered his army to form up, had the siege machines in position, and ordered the advance. With him, he had three rams. The left was manned by Peltastai, supported by three battalions of Pezhetairoi. The centre was manned by the Pheraspides with all four battalions of Argyraspidai in support and the right was held by Thureophoroi with three battalions of Pezhetairoi. He placed the Sphendonetai in the gaps between the three rams, acting as a way of attracting enemy missiles away from more valuable troops, and also to harass the enemy and keep them off the gates. His plan worked, as the rams rolled forwards, the troops nearest the gate, under a barrage of sling stones, retreated a short distance. This distance was all that was needed by the Makedonians, and as soon as the first plank was split, they began streaming through the breach.

    The Peltastai on the left flank split right, and allowed the Pezhetairoi to march the Phalanx through the wall, engaging the semi naked barbarians in a clearly one-sided melee match, all the while the Peltastai raining javelins into the barbarians flesh.

    The centre was a different matter entirely, the Galatians, being hot headed and not so strategically minded, seen the gate and swarmed it, oblivious to the two now unopposed flanks. The Pheraspides and Argyraspidai in the centre were holding easily, but by sheer weight of numbers were being forced back, losing coherent formation and resorting to swords because of the confined area.

    The Thureophoroi on the right saw the opening, and took it. They hurled their javelins into the naked men (quite disconcerting to them actually), and seeing their flesh pierced like any normal man, firmed their resolve and charged headlong into the flank with devastating effect.

    The Makedonians were slowly but surely beginning to reform, and began the irrepressible push forward.
    Theogenos still hadn’t entered the fray yet; cavalry was of little to no use in streets and around tree covered hillocks. So he was some distance back still, surveying the battle, which was going extremely well. His Chilliarchai and Taxiarchai were all very capable commanders, and used their own initiatives well, making life rather easy for Theogenos. He noticed that the battle front was slowly turning to the left, as more barbarians spilled in from their rear, the Makedonike left was forced to turn further and further, added with the Thureophoroi on the right, forcing the Makedonike right forward. He ordered his Pezhetairoi on the left, who were about to join the melee on the extreme left, to actually march out and around the two armies, and then turn about and force them from direct rear.

    The plan worked perfectly, almost as soon as the men at the back realised they were trapped they started to run.

    Theogenos and his cavalry entered the fray at this moment, streaming in through the left breach, and slaying all who they encountered.

    Theogenos, who didn’t want to dive too deep into the town with his cavalry, ordered his Pezhetairoi forward, only a small band of Galatian short swordsmen opposed them.

    After Theogenos had ordered his Thessalian’s in to assist, a large force of Galatian Heavy Cavalry crested the hill, and charged into the Thessalian's. Not without warning though, the Pezhetairoi shouted out to them, and attacked with vigour the swordsmen; allowing the Thessalian's to turn and face the charge. Theogenos ordered a blanket charge, he knew his men would know what to do as he surged up the hill to assist his Thessalian's.

    Taking Theogenos' order, the two battalions of Pheraspides, worn out and tired, but never giving up, surged up the hill, and fell back down onto the flank of the Galatians with swords high and shields out.

    The Thureophoroi joined the fray, in a free for all, blood and gore coating horse and man alike, the infantry slicing the horse’s tendons and stabbing the men as they fell. Still, the Galatians held, fighting desperately for their town, and died heroically. With that, the rest of the soldiers fled to the town centre, and were killed by the Makedonians without mercy.

    Looking back, it gave Theogenos a deal of troubled sleep and bad dreaming, yet his conscious self saw the rationale behind his decision. He sacked the city of Ankyra, killed many men, and sold thousands as slaves, and took the food stores for his army, without which they would not have survived. Galatia was now part of the ever-growing Arche Makedonia.

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    Default Re: Ο ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΗΣ ΣΕΛΕΥΚΕΙΑΣ - A Makedonian AAR

    Is anyone reading this?
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    Default Re: Ο ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΗΣ ΣΕΛΕΥΚΕΙΑΣ - A Makedonian AAR

    It seems so from the number of pageviews.

    As I said before, I have no idea why people don't comment on this AAR.

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    Default Re: Ο ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΗΣ ΣΕΛΕΥΚΕΙΑΣ - A Makedonian AAR

    I'm reading and enjoying your really nice story and screenshots, keep it up :)

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    Default Re: Ο ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΗΣ ΣΕΛΕΥΚΕΙΑΣ - A Makedonian AAR

    Thanks for the replies, im going to start working on the next chapter tonight hopefully.
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    Default Re: Ο ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΗΣ ΣΕΛΕΥΚΕΙΑΣ - A Makedonian AAR

    wow...beautiful screenshots! how have i never seen this? any chance it'll be updated?

    and i'm curious to hear how many casualties were suffered in the big pitched battle with the seleukids, or in taking ankyra. both looked like big battles.
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    Default Re: Ο ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΗΣ ΣΕΛΕΥΚΕΙΑΣ - A Makedonian AAR

    Been a while since your last post but I just saw this and it looks great. Nice story and the screens are just beautiful. Probably 1 out of a hundred people who read these comment, don't worry about it too much. I hope you come back to this whenyou have some time. :)
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