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Thread: 3d model assistance needed! (small job)

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    Default 3d model assistance needed! (small job)

    i would like some assistance with my mod. i need a few 3d models that do not exist in the game, and i was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out. here are the units

    -Spartan Hoplites

    Large crest on helmet, transverse if officer, black and gold color bands in crest, black gold black I think is nice, full corinthian helmet, full bronze breastplate, large hoplon branded with the lambda of Lakedaemon, bronze greaves, sandals, spear, short sword, and a nice crimson cloak.

    elite hoplite w/ red full length cloak
    add officer of same build, but with transverse crest

    i need an elite hoplite model, with the description above, with a red cloak. i also need an officer, but the only change for him is the transverse crest. i just need the model and texture. ill do the rest! if someone would be so kind as to help out...

    -Persian Spearmen
    able to use bow as well as spear
    model_flexi data/models_unit/unit_barb_scythian_noble_cavalry_high.cas, 8
    model_flexi data/models_unit/unit_barb_scythian_noble_cavalry_med.cas, 15
    model_flexi data/models_unit/unit_barb_scythian_noble_cavalry_low.cas, 30
    model_flexi data/models_unit/unit_barb_scythian_noble_cavalry_lowest.cas, max

    i would like to use this model, but change sword to combat spear!(the spear used by armenian heavy spearmen without phalanx) shoter than pike but longer than short spear. dont worry about the texture, i just need the CAS model changed from sword to spear!

    is there any way you can get a mounted officer or standard bearer, which would carry a large standard in the shape of a dragon, like from new years in china?

    okay, those are the 3 units right now i need help on, should be all. if anyone wants to help out here, i would greatly appreciate it. just let me know in this thread. thanks a bunch for the help!

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    Default Re: 3d model assistance needed! (small job)

    nobody?? i cant finish my mod without the first 2 units...even if anyone is willing to do only one of the 3, i would be grateful...

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    Default Re: 3d model assistance needed! (small job)

    Unfortunately, modellers are in very short supply, and almost all have their own projects to focus on.

    Give it a bit of time, or perhaps look at mods which have models similar to the ones you need and ask permission to use their models?


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