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    I'm nearly done with my planning stages. I wanted to do this before I started putting together a staff because to have a bunch of people sitting around waiting for orders is not a good way to assemble an army, right?

    So here goes, within a week or two I will be "done" (is planning ever really done?) with the pre-production on this mod, and will begin filling all positions: scripters, modelers, skinners, and writers (though I'll do the majority of the writing, some scripting, and quite a bit of skinning myself).

    I'm probably going to do the maps entirely on my own, but I'm really interested in seeing what someone else is capable of. If you have a map you've done and are interested in doing the DL map, please post what you've got (screenshots) and I'll certainly take a look (alternatively, if you've done a map for a currently released mod, direct me to the download and I'll be able to get a closer look that way).

    If you are interested in helping out, please leave all the info I might need here (specifically, what you can help out with, how much you wish to be involved) and I'll get back to you for specifics.

    A.J. Dembroski
    Head of the Soon-To-Be-Formed Council of Whitestone (or "Guys that are making the DL mod")
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    Default Re: Looking to help? Look here...

    I can help research writing umm learning a bit of skinning meself, just the all around fill-in the gap guy.


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