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Thread: DW5: Xtreme legends

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    Default DW5: Xtreme legends

    I want it...But I have yet to find it a store. Anyone know where to get it in the US?

    Also, what Dynasty warriors game would you most reccomend?
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    Default Re: DW5: Xtreme legends

    Don't forget to pick up DW5 along with it. XL can be either a stand-alone game, or an expansion pack.

    As for your other question, DW5:XL is the best of the series. Warriors Orochi is ok if you want to play with all officers from Samurai/Dynasty Warriors, but the game is lackluster. DW5:XL has both Xtreme and Legend mode, which will take up a good portion of your time. My favorite is Legend mode, which is a decent combination of DW5 and an RPG.


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