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    Default FOUND YOU BABY!!!

    ok after weeks of searching i finally found M2TW in a little back alley whole in the wall called Gino's tech and gaming. I can't believe my luck he said he's had it on reserve for 3 months and the person who reserved still hadnt picked it up so i asked if i could purchase right then and there and then bam!! installed now im going to play see ya in a year or so
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    Default Re: FOUND YOU BABY!!!

    See you in a year or so then, mate.
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    Default Re: FOUND YOU BABY!!!

    Has it been a year or so yet, is he back?

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    Default Re: FOUND YOU BABY!!!

    364 days to go....
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    Default Re: FOUND YOU BABY!!!

    There once was a thread on the Guild
    That was entirely filled
    With posts of pure drivel
    In tones most uncivil
    And so it was eventually killed.

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