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    Who's your favorite?

    Crush and Siren are really hot, but wolf is my favorite, he's just so ridiculous. Toa gets cool points for the Haka and Justice talks so much trash it's funny.

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    What the hell, is this already on?!

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    Default Re: Best Gladiator

    What's this all about ?

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    Cheesiest new show of the season in the US. 'American Gladiators.' It's awesomely hilarious camp of a high order. It combines the best parts of amatuer athletes getting embarassed with weight lighters getting humiliated.

    I voted for Crush. From what I've read she's actually an MMA fighter doing the show to support her career. Everybody seems to have a good sense of humor about it, even that freak ex-wrestler they picked for an announcer.

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    Rest in Peace TosaInu, the Org will be your legacy
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountArach

    Maximus? Are you freakin' kidding me?
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    I had a looksie at the American Gladiator site... I am not really into girls on steorides, which means Hellga, Stealth, Siren, and Fury is out... Between Venom and Crush I would say Crush is the hot one and gets my vote.
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    Where is Russell Crowe?

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    is... errm... not Russell Crowe ?
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