Capital: New Neraka
Culture: Istaran
Settlements: TBD
Current Ruler: Lord of Night Baltasar Rennold
Strengths: Well rounded in most areas
Weaknesses: Lacks strong missile troops

Recently split into competing factions, the Baltasar Rennold seeks to rebuild the once mighty Nerakan Knights under his leadership. He has moved the capital from Jelek to the newly built New Neraka, just miles from the haunted ruins of the old city. Despite the death of their former goddess, the Knighthood has renewed their vows, one abandoned in the wake of the departed gods. One again, the Oath will be spoken to terror of all who hear it: Submit or Die.

The Dark Knights will be focused on an exceptional heavy cavalry, and have the potential for the strongest armor in the game... even for heavy infantry. Virtually all units, save slaves and the mysterious Tarmac "Brutes", will be elite versions of their type, but maintenance for such a force will be very expensive. Nerakan armies are small, crack forces.