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Thread: Demo Factions: Sanction

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    Default Demo Factions: Sanction

    Capital: Sanction
    Culture: Istaran
    Settlements: Sanction
    Current Ruler: TBD
    Strengths: Access to Knights of Solamnia and elven refugees, great defensive position in an exceptional trade city.
    Weaknesses: Most troop types are militia

    Since throwing off the shackles of the Dragonarmies, Sanction has prospered. It's central location on Ansalon and access to the New Sea has opened trade like never before, rivaling even Palanthas for the weight of it's coffers. However, Sanction is a city under seige, with the Nerakans holding all of the territory surrounding her. Though the Solamnics and the Legion aid the city, it will take a leader of exceptional resourcefulness to extract the city from it's current predicament..

    Sanction will have access to a limited number of Solamnic and Legion of Steel forces, plus the occassional Elven unit, but otherwise must rely on a large number of militia. It's defensive position gives it an advantage in staying alive, but it works both ways: It's just as easy for others to defend against Sanction given it's position in a small mountain valley with only one pass as it's entrance.

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    Default Re: Demo Factions: Sanction

    Can you show us some pictures of the game. Idon't understand very well the story, but total conversion always interest me.

    I hope you've got no problem in programing your mod, and I wish you will finish it very soon
    Good luck!


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