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Thread: Another Shameless Fort Exploit

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    Default Another Shameless Fort Exploit

    I practically fell off my seat laughing during this battle.

    I had one little Fort in an Alpine pass, garrissoned by one unit of Archer Militia. The attacking 3/4 stack German army was entirely non-gunpowder artillery, except for one half unit of Peasant Xbows and a unit of Dis Feudal Knights, the generals unit.

    I stuck my guys at the back of the Fort to shoot as many of the attackers as possible before they got slaughtered. The artillery blasted away, and one rock happened to smash down a piece of the wall just behind my archers. So I though, what the heck, I'll just run out here and maybe they'll follow me up a hill. Anyway, the enemy infantry rushed after my men, with the xbows sprinting and soon catching up. So my archers turned round and exchanged fire, with my fire arrows quickly routing the enemy. The enemy foot knights then marched into the fort and stood around the middle, running in comic fashion in and out of the centre square, gaining and loosing control each time. As my archers moved closer, still from outside the fort, to empty their arrows and cause maximum casualties, the enemy artillery started to fire at them. So, I put my archers in loose formation, and they took some casualties. However, the enemy trebuchets were so inaccurate they kept firing into the fort, and smashed their flaming rocks into their own troops. By the time half the unit of Dis Knights was destroyed, their General collapsed in a flaming heap, and the knights routed! I nearly wet myself with laughter at that point. However, not long after a rock hit my General, and routed my men.

    I was so close to the most heroic victory of all time. Still, one of the most entertaining battles I have seen, some times the AI just does not cope with siege situations.

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    Default Re: Another Shameless Fort Exploit

    The AI tends to not consider Friendly Fire from what i see. If it did, your own towers wouldn't hit defending troops on the walls, and the AI would try to not fire into their own men's back as much.

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    Default Re: Another Shameless Fort Exploit

    IDK, I seem to have alot of trouble getting archer or any other ranged unit to fire when my guys are in the fray. I mean i have a quarter stack of mercs and im like you know im going to send these guys to the slaughter so i send them in with 3 companies of muskets to back them up but my muskets never fire even when im telling them to and only one or two fire when they get a clear shot. Is it just me or do your troops just seem to have independent thought
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    Default Re: Another Shameless Fort Exploit

    Fort exploits are always fun. Especially off the battlefield.

    I have fond memories of gargantuan civil defense projects in RTW...silly AI didn't dare go round them or attack them, so it was just a case of making walls and blocking up passes.

    I think it was fixed though. Oh well.
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