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Thread: Capo De Tutti Capi- II

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    Default Capo De Tutti Capi- II

    Come one, come all! Come for the greatest spectacle of all time! Capo, the most legendary of all .org mafia games, returns for a second run! All are welcome, Junior members and moderators alike! Hosted by our resident master of awesomeness, Seamus Fermanagh, we would love to see a batch of new faces for the upcoming game. Master Seamus wishes for 100 people if possible, so we'd like to have as many people playing as possible.

    Junior members can contact Andres to gain access to the hallowed grounds of the game room.

    The story and information thread can be viewed at leisure here.

    Sign up here!
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    Default Re: Capo De Tutti Capi- II

    It is a lot of fun. Anyone who has heard of Mafia or wants to know anything about it should join up. No better way to learn. Who knows? Your first game could put you in a position of power. It happened to me.
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    I've closed the thread but will leave your advertisement for all to see.
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