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    Default Problem with army

    Hi to all!

    First I would like to thank you for great work you did. New map is great, also units.

    I don't like speed of units in battle, especially cavalry which should be a bit faster in my view (especially with all long range fire cheap units available). Second thing is that it takes forever to kill off routing unit. But this is not my real problem.

    I play grand campaign with Macedon. I cleaned Greece of Common Greeks and Epirus (which is still holding south of Italy), now I'm in big war with Seleucids for Anatolia (they destroyed Pontus and pushed Ptolemaians into Egypt). One of my 3 main armies (3 generals and around 12 other units) got besieged in Pergamon by 3 seleucid phalanxs.

    When I tried to attack them out of Pergamon with besieged army game never jumped into battle, just showed sand clock. I could open info for armies or cities but nothing else.

    Ok, I attacked with another outside army and ended siege of Pergamon and ended turn. In next turn I moved first army out of Pergamon and wanted to battle some approaching Seleucid army to the east but same thing happened. Sand clock and nothing.

    Please, is there an explanation for this bug? (I start script after loading saved game)

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    Perhaps you have a client ruler with no movement points among your garrison? If so, the optional sally fix could help you.

    Either way, I'd suggest to exit the whole garrison and put them back inside, then save and quit the game, restart the computer and reload it.

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