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Thread: KH campaign question

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    Default KH campaign question

    so, i've got a KH campaign going, and just a few turns ago, Sinope rebelled over to my faction. now, i'm not one to give up an opportunity, so i sent a general over there to help defend against the Ponts. now, i'm wondering whether i should expand west, south or east. what do you guys think?

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    Default Re: KH campaign question

    Crush Pontos, expand west from Sinope, cut a bloody swathe through Nikaia, Byzantion and Pella, forming a bridge to your own lands. From there, kill all the Seleukidai/Ptolemaioi and secure Mikra Asia.
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    Default Re: KH campaign question

    if you are still fighting the Maks then focus on mainland greece and stay on defensive on the pontus front, otherwise take Nikaia and try to wipe out Pontos


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