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Thread: Information for/about modifications

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    Post Information for/about modifications

    Uploading a totalwar modification, replay or tool file to

    Where is my file uploaded to?

    The files are uploaded to a hidden directory located in one of the download servers. This directory will be checked and the content moved to a public folder in the most fitting category (STW, MTW, RTW, M2TW, mod, replay, map, stats, tools). Please send a PM to have this done as quickly as possible.

    The download location of the file can be used in a forumpost and there's also a link database (LDM) available.

    Location of the uploadtool.

    The upload tool can be accessed via the navigation bar which is located at the top of each page in this board. Open Site Tools and select the item Upload a File. A new window will open.


    This upload tool is written in Java, thus your browser needs to support Java. Java can be downloaded at Sun Microsystems.
    Hit run to accept the application and continue.

    The new window is loaded.

    The Java uploader is suited to upload both small and very large files. The uploaded files are not directly available though. If you want to share something right away and the file is smaller than 2 mb, or split into parts of 2 mb), you can select one of the other uploaders. These can also be found directly.

    Please send a PM to TosaInu to notify what's been uploaded.

    Use the browse button to locate the file you want uploaded from your computer.

    Select the file.

    Select the location of your file in the new window that opens and accept.

    The file is now selected and waiting to be uploaded. Hit Send.

    Uploading the file.

    The file will now be uploaded from your computer to the file server. A progress bar will be shown.

    Add a link to your file using the LDM.

    What is the LDM?
    The Links and Download Manager (LDM) is a database containing links to files available for download and links to websites. The entries can have a description, such as information about or install instructions for a modification. Categories allow easy retrieval of links, a search function is also available.

    Location of the LDM.

    The LDM can be accessed via the navigation bar which is located at the top of each page in this board. Open Site Tools and select the item Links&Files. A new window will open.

    The LDM

    The LDM startpage shows the maincategories. Some contain links to websites, others contain links to files. Please select the category Total War Files to either download a file or add a new one.

    The Total War Files category will open and a subcategory is displayed.

    Click Rome Total War to further browse the RTW category.

    And click again for a modification

    Add a RTW modification.

    Click Add Link and a form will be opened to allow adding a new entry to the LDM. This option is only available to registered users.

    Add a name for your file in the Name field.

    BB Code tailored to the LDM is available to give entries a typical layout. This is listed on the same page and can be copied and pasted into the Description box: [tbl][lmt] Enter your mod desc text here[/lmt][/tbl]. Replace the text between the tags with your text.

    Enter the location to the file in the URL box and make sure that the Create a new entry in the database is set to yes.

    It is possible to include additional links in the description box, such as patches , newer or older versions or required additional files.

    Parent Categories allows you to select which category/categories display your new entry. If you already located the right entry by browsing, you don't have to select anything here, as that's done already. The RTW modification category has several subcategories for RTW/BI versions and types of modifications. You can select more than one category by using CTRL.

    Hit Submit when all information is entered.

    Entries can be updated by the user who created them.


    What to use it for.

    The Wiki can be a good place to share information, especially when several people need to work on that information. It can be used for a detailed description of a mod and link to other pages.

    Location of the WiKi.

    The WiKi can be accessed via the navigation bar which is located at the top of each page in this board. Open Site Tools and select the item WiKi. A new window will open.

    WiK, the basics.

    The link All pages will show all available pages.

    Type the name of the page you want to create in the searchbox, if it already exists, you may want to update that. Otherwise you can create it from there.

    Modification and forum.

    Each title in the totalwar series has one or more forums dedicated to modification. One can start one or more topics there for his own modification. It's possible to get a hosted forum. You may want one when the mod gets more poplular and more topics are required.

    Custom forumskin for hosted mods.

    It's possible for hosted mods to have an exclusive skin for their forum. contains the images currently used (new hacks can add extra images). You need the files and the used names in this pack to create your skin, but you can update the content or part of it.

    The other part is creation of the stylesheet to make colors, fontsizes, backgrounds, widths. You can use one of the standard templates and just add your own images, but you can also tell what you want (keep in mind that some properties are linked: text in different places may have to be of one color).

    Banners for hosted mods.

    What is it.

    It's possible to submit a banner for your modification. That banner will be displayed in the single player forum of the game the mod is made for. The picture and link could motivate visitors to have a look.

    What are the requirements.

    The image will be 700 pixels wide and 125 pixels high and can be 15 kb. An ALT can be used for a brief description.

    Please PM if you have any questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranika
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    Everything has a wiki these days :P

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    Is there a thread/ subforum on the wiki anywhere?

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    Thanks for explaining the entire procedure, for uploading a totalwar replay or tool file...

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert05041 View Post
    Thanks for explaining the entire procedure, for uploading a totalwar replay or tool file...
    he's not able to reply, but I can say in his stead that he likely would have thought you most welcome.

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    Default Re: Information for/about modifications

    This thread is actually obsolete. Do to various things resulting from Tosa's death, we have had to remove the link to the Mizus uploader. Direct uploads through the Links and Downloads Manager have been enabled in all categories. At the moment, the upload file size is restricted to 10mb. We are working on having that significantly increased and hope to be able to offer full-size direct uploads in the near future. Until then, please PM me if you need to upload something larger than 10mb.


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