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    ......................:::Basic Concepts About Res Gestae Imperiales:::......................

    Res Gestae Imperiales is a mod for Medieval Total War 2. The mod begins during the early birth of Rome, You will have fight off Raging Barbarians, Mighty Greeks and The Devistating Tribes of Gaul from a very early stage. With a small and untrained force, Romes existence seems slim.

    Res Gestae Imperiales will be a complete remake of The MTW2 game engine, converting it back in time to 280 BC and lasting up to the Year 120 AD. This mod will consist of completly revamped units, Building, Campaign Maps, Interface and so much more.


    Tones of new buildings will be implemented to make your empire build seem that more life like. Build places for your council to meet, Schools, Doctors, Vegetable Farms, Timber Cutting camp, Clothing Workshop, Glass Furnace, Furniture Workshop, Pottery Workshop, Slave traders, Barber Shops, Gladiator Guilds and more.

    Loads of New Units for Each Team and a whole new bunch of Mercenaries. Each unit is inspected to bring it to its fullest potential.

    Get hold of tones of new Resources such as Fish, Crabs, Sugar, Stone, Silk, Pigs, Sheep, Cows, Clams, Rice, Corn, Gems and more.

    New Campaigns which will involve...
    The main huge campaign involving every Faction
    The very early Rise of Rome on the Italian Peninsula
    Alexander the Greats conquests stretching from Greece to India
    And more
    Creator of Res Gestae Imperiales

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    .......:::Would You Like To Join The Team, Then Please Read On:::.......

    Would you like to help with the mod full time? Just want to create a certain unit? Building? Then all you need to do is follow the simple steps bellow

    (`.{Your Resume}.)
    ..........:::Step One:::.........

    Your Resume has to contain the following...

    Your Name:
    Email Address:
    Time Zone:
    The Job you wish to fulfil: I.e. modelling, skinning etc
    Previous Work: .:OPTIONAL:. Send a Preview of some previous work (This would be a good idea!)

    (`.{Mailing The Resume}.)
    ...............:::Step Two:::..............

    Send a Completed Resume to Either
    Or Message Me With A completed Resume

    ........:::Step Three:::........

    And thats it. Once You have successfully Finnish Both Steps You should then wait and we will confirm details with you.

    You are welcome aboard the team no matter your skill, talent or capability. You don't have to apply yourself full time as the amount of work you do is up to you. However, You will be expected to commit your self towards at least one release client. All positions are non paid, This is a perfect opportunity for you to expose your talents to a large audience that can be cited in your resume and or portfolio.

    (`.{Why Should I Join}.)

    1. You will get your name mentioned in the credits (if you wish)
    2. Write in your resume and or portfolio that you exposed your talents to a large audience, and you will be able to show off your work to other people
    3. Meet New people
    4. And Our team will help you to improve your skills and modding capabilities

    -=So why not join the team now=-


    1: 3D Junior and Advanced Modellers
    2: 2D Texture Artists
    3: Campaign Map Creators
    4: Historians and Information Collectors

    Modellers and skinners are in huge demand. We will need as many as possible so why not join and show off your talents?

    We will be taking as many people as possible. So dont worry you are almost guaranteed to be accepted!

    -=Res Gestae Imperiales=-
    Creator of Res Gestae Imperiales

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    ...........:::Our Main Forums:::...........

    You can access our main forums at

    Just simply click the link below...

    Creator of Res Gestae Imperiales


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