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    I started a new campain and everything is going well. But one of my family members was starting to complain about being on the frontier and asking to be governer of a province, so I moved him to a town in central Italy, thinking it solved the problem, but then I got another message stating the same thing. What did I do wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bovi, 25 minutes ago
    Uncomfortable supervisor is one of the two subtraits (the other is Happy Supervisor) of the Supervisor trait, which is gained by governing for very long without stretching the legs or battling. Uncomfortable Supervisor is caused by governing small settlements, and is alleviated by moving to a greater city or building something. Battles can't do anything to help an uncomfortable supervisor, on the contrary it will fortify his unhappiness.

    Conversely, if you spend a lot of time campaigning you will get the Warmonger trait, which also has happy and unhappy subtraits. That one gets happy by fighting and unhappy by being stuck in a boring city with the rest of the people who only talk about things instead of actually doing them.

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