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Thread: EB Request and question.

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    Default EB Request and question.

    Awesome mod, played rome for a loong time and was looking to breathe some life into the game, looked at all the mods and i definately prefer this one the best, although some elements of other mods are ok too.

    So to the question/request, what would be the best way to add yet another faction to EB?

    I want to add Illyria as a faction (although epeirus in this case somewhat covers it..but i still want to add it nonetheless) Perhaps something like the Illyria from RTR if anyones played that. This is just kinda a "hypothetical" idea, not to be based on history and I want them to have some sort of balance of units and buildings as well.

    (I'd probably just cut and paste from RTR or something, just to get to play as that faction in THIS kcik*** mod.)

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    Default Re: EB Request and question.

    AFAIK, EB already occupies all the faction slots, so to add a new faction you would have to remove one of the existing ones before...

    Even if you want to do that, it would be extremely difficult to make the new faction as good as the default EB ones; you would have to rewrite A LOT of files, you would have to set the new factional and regional MICs for the new faction, it's very likely you would need to mess with the background script...

    If we were talking about vanilla RTW and you had a mod that specifically added a faction, it would be possible to add it quite easily even on a lightly modded version of RTW (I did so in the past). But since we're talking about EB, I'd say it's not worth it. Not only because EB is great as it is, but also because you would have to edit far too many files... and it wouldn't be simple copy/paste.

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    Default Re: EB Request and question.

    Yeah I took a look and I think I would have to overwrite one as well, probably epeirus in this case, but as far as the rest of it goes, that stuff is not very difficult, it is just time consuming. I was just wondering if there was a list of files out there that I would need to change, rather than having to look at everything and discern for myself.

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    Default Re: EB Request and question.

    That list is huge. The easiest way (not very easy!) would possibly be to let the Epeiros name remain and keep most all of the data on them, but remove their recruitment and add all the illyrian units you want instead, with their descriptions, models, skins, UI etc. Modify their stats to fit EB, which is no small task, and setup their recruitment, which is a horrid task if you want to set up the area of recruitment similar to the rest of EB. Finally run the game and see that it crashes due to some mismatch, typo or missing file.

    I do not recommend doing this. If you want to play RTR's Illyria, you should probably rather play RTR.

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