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    Okay, so I'm trying to attack the Norici, when Satres (who has a full stack army of Late Gallic Units (in 247 BC). Which may be an error in and of itself.) is in my way. I, at great cost, defeat him, go back to rebuild my units, no problem.

    Two turns later, Satres is back. With the exact same army. I fight him again, thinking maybe it's another Satres. I gave the game the benefit of the doubt.

    So again at great cost I defeat him and again I go back to retrain the units. Two turns later Satres is back. The exact same army. The EXACT same spot on the map.

    The way I've been getting around this bug is by reloading every two turns. When you do that, It won't spawn after two turns, but then after another two turns Satres and his zombies spawn again. It's a non-correcting problem.

    I've yet to capture the region itself, so hopefully when I capture the region the problem will end. Rebels theoretically can't spawn in territory that you own that is also unobscured by the fog of war. But in the meanwhile, does anybody have any idea what could be causing this bug?

    I'm playing version 1.0, by the way.

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    Feature, to control AI expansion and simulate certain strong factions that didn't make the cut for a faction slot. You need to take the settlement quickly, or fighting the armies will be for naught. The easiest way is to leave them alone.

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    That's a no go, it's one of the victory condition provinces.

    I guess I can ram two full stack armies in there, take it extra quick. Or I can keep reloading.

    To be clear, once I take the province there will be no more of him spawning, right?

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    He will not respawn if the settlement is in the hands of anyone but the rebels. If you can besiege the city and win a battle against both the guy and the city garrison, you will take the city and he will never respawn. Or you could send a bunch of spies to the city, attack it will the gates are opened, the pray he leaves you along long enough to power up to kill him.


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