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    How does one reveal the mini map and then take a screen shot of it like I see many do in their AARs?
    Ah, but they do not have one soldier named Gisgo.

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    Hit the key "~" (it is left from 1, under "esc", above "tab" on your key board) and then write "toggle_fow". It will reveal the map. Repeat the process again to change it back.

    NOTE: if you have anti-aliasing turned on in your video preferences, than the screeshots (saved in RTW\tgas folder) will be blank black screens only. Therefore you might want to download some screenshot manager like FRAPS or Howie´s Screen Capture.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the help. It's much appreciated!
    Ah, but they do not have one soldier named Gisgo.


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