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    Hey guys, I've read a lot of hotseat games, or a game where players each play a different faction, and I'd love to give it a go. Thing is I don't have Kingdoms, which most people seem to be using. I have Stainless Steel v 4.1, and if anyone else is interested in trying this out with me it'd be awesome.
    An explanation of how it works would also be much appreciated

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Hotseat

    I might give it a go in the future but for now, I have my hands full with the other hotseat...

    Here are some hints on how to set your game up :
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    And thus we meet the challenge of the mod hotseat game, finding enough players with that version of the mod.

    I have Kingdoms, and a crappy internet connection making it hard to download mods (you can see my troubles getting Broken Crescent in the BC thread in the throne room).

    Have you tried the Stainless Steel forums over at twcenter? It might be easier to recruit there.
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