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Thread: Death and Glory - Total War Needs Help!

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    Default Death and Glory - Total War Needs Help!

    Wanted: Anyone with any ability whatsoever in the following fields:

    Speaking English
    Speaking Greek
    Speaking Latin
    Making Maps for campaigns
    Drawing 2d stuff
    skinning anything

    et ceteri... PM me if you can help and want to give a sample or post here to show your Interest.

    Posts filled:

    ME! (text, unit / building codes, descr files)
    Jubal Barca - Proofreading, skinning
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    Default Re: Death and Glory - Total War Needs Help!

    I can speak English!

    Actually I can skin (not very well, but acceptably) as well, PM me if you want some stuff done, I'm busy though so it might take time.
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