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    Default M2TW patches

    Hi to all

    I would like to ask you where I can Download the patches for M2TW, italian version.

    I plan to buy, as soon as possible, M2TW Kingdoms. What type of patch are available for it? Where I can find them?

    Thank you in advance


    P.S: I would like to know first what are the patches for M2TW (italian version) and where I can Download them.

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    1.2 is the newest patch for M2TW. There is also 1.3 but it does not change the game, it is only for multiplayer and allows you to play online if you do not have Kingdoms.

    Gamershell has all the patches for EU version.

    Here is 1.2

    There are no patches for Kingdoms at this time.

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    Default Re: M2TW patches

    Ja mata


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    Default Re: M2TW patches

    Thank you very much for your help.

    I had another question, if I may. Until I buy Kingdoms, what mod would you suggest? My computer is a bit crap so....nothing too flashy and nothing too big for my computer to process....

    Thanks in advance


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    In terms of computer performance, a mod only changes the superficial appearances of the game, for example what uniform a soldier wears or what flag he waves. The actual processes of displaying the graphics are the same as plain M2TW so if you are having trouble running the regular game, a mod will not help you. But since you asked, some of the most popular mods are Lands to Conquer, Stainless Steel, The Long Road, Broken Crescent, and PDER (I may have the name wrong on the last one, to my recollection it is 'Pro Diem et Regum' = 'For God and King', but I could be imagining things)

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    Thank you ReiseReise

    I have to set the graphics at mid-low but the game run well.
    But when I used Europa Barbororum Mod for RTW he began to require 3 to 5 minute for every turn, due to the modified ancillaries and all the other modification. So I would like to select a mod that don't over abuse my PC's RAM.

    I will try some of the mod you so kindly indicated to me.


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    Default Re: M2TW patches

    Hey does anyone know where to download the patches for Medieval 2 total war U.S. version

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    Default Re: M2TW patches

    by the way what patches do I need to download I have the gold edition


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