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Thread: Sea Graphics Switch?

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    I am looking for the Sea Graphics switch. When I try to download it from the main page all I get is a page of gibberish. Can someone give me a direct link to it please?

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    IIRC, right click, save as.

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    Ahh I see thanks for your help. Perhaps this should be posted under it to avoid confusion.

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    I've searched the forum but can't find any help on this beyond the thread below?
    When I download the link from the EB site, by clicking on it or by right clicking and saving, all I get is a .rar document and I have no idea what to do with it? I tried opening it in notepad but that didn't work. Am I supposed to copy and paste it somewhere?

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    Congratulations! You are possibly the only person left on the world wide web who has no idea what a .rar file is.

    rar is an archive type to compress and store data, and logically, you need WinRar or an equivalent package tool to decompress and extract the archive file you just downloaded.

    .rar is absolute common on the net as it helps reducing file sizes drastically so up- and download speeds are improved. Plus, it's safer than just sending around other file formats.

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    I always knew I'd win at something.


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