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Thread: Aeduie campain CTD

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    Default Aeduie campain CTD

    I was playing a Aeduie campaing and was going quit well. But now I get a CTD when ever I end my turn and the move comes to the elethuroi. The screen jums to the rebel capital (which is now that town north from the alps starts on I, ant then the game crashes.
    Tryed changing my moves, go through the turn without script but it did not help. Playing on RTW.exe with the recomended fixes downloaded and the forced diplomaci mod. here are the saves from the end of my turn and the almoust the end of the Lussotan turn befor the Elethuroi get to move.
    Could someone from the team look if he can find the cause?

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    Default Re: Aeduie campain CTD

    Do you have any governmental build orders (military rule, type 1,2,3,4 govt) going on? It happened to me twice that I needed to cancel those to successfully end my turn. It also happened when I tried to repair 100% damaged military rule (so I demolished and rebuilt it).

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    Default Re: Aeduie campain CTD

    Thank you for your report. As Ayce says, always destroy all enemy governments upon conquest or you're risking CTDs.

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    I will look if I forgot some of the enemy goverments, but I dont think so.
    One thing I forgot, there is one manual change, I have done. SOmewhere in the middle of the campain I changet the start_life (correct? ) of all HA units as sugested in a thread about making the Step nations a bit more enduring. But I had no CTD up till now after that.

    Edited: Nope not in my cities. Maybe the problem could be Messana (it has 3 goverment buildings) (one greek -damaged, one Karthagian-damaged, and one Karthagian-functional, or Syracuse (should have something similar).
    I just tryed it again, after moving with some of my agents and a few units, and noticed that the Army- Fullstack that was standing next to the Elethuroi capital disappears.
    But it could be that the game does not show it, because it crashes immediately
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