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Thread: A Devout Athiest?

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    Default A Devout Athiest?

    What a strange mix of traits.
    Have any of you ever had an odd combinations of Vices & Virtues?
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    Default Re: A Devout Athiest?

    "Famously brave good runner" comes to mind

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    Default Re: A Devout Athiest?

    The other day I was playing my turkish- campaing nad tried to bribe a tiny garrison that I was besieging. I failed the first try, but the second one succeeded. Result was pretty interesting: a man of principle with weak principles

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    Default Re: A Devout Athiest?

    This is the norm in MTW, it makes no sense but is how the game was designed. Luckily some of those traits can serve to cancel each other out. Such as a virtue giving +1 morale and a vice giving -1.

    The combinations mentioned above, such as man of principle + weak principles, famously brave + good runner and true believer + atheist are all common ones. With the latter being quite a common set of traits for those that have been tried by the inquistion a few times.

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    Default Re: A Devout Athiest?

    This is not from any of my games, but anyway. I think I found it here on the Org somewhere...

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    Default Re: A Devout Athiest?

    What about a moral flexible (-30% bribe cost) unbribable (+200% bribe cost) one?

    Or a man of principle with weak principles, that's also a secret fanatic and a secret ateist?
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    Default Re: A Devout Athiest?

    One of my favorites was a prince from one of my Byzantine campaigns. He was a Gentle Knight, yet was also a Secret Blood Lover.
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