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Thread: Kingdoms patch question

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    Default Kingdoms patch question

    Hey all. Does Kingdoms need a patch? Does it use any of the old MTW2 patches? It seems like i'm experiencing some of the same bugs in Kingdoms that I used to see in MTW2 pre-patch. In particular, my cavalry seems to have forgotten how to really persue a fleeing enemy. Instead, they just kinda charge up and then halt when they get really close.

    And my infantry doesen't really immerse itself into the enemy ranks like I think it did post-patch.


    1: Are there any Kingdoms patches?

    2: Do MTW2 patches work for Kingdoms?

    3: If so, where do I get them and how do I check to see if they're properly installed in Kingdoms?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Default Re: Kingdoms patch question

    Let's see:

    1. No, but a massive update is being worked on for Kingdoms

    2. I'm not quite sure what you mean. You can install kingdoms on any version of Medieval II without trouble. This defeats any necessity of installing other Medieval II patches, as Kingdoms will automatically update you game.

    3. You can find any patches or updates, as well as many great mods, on the total war website.
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    Default Re: Kingdoms patch question

    The update for Kingdoms in the works is not massive according to the information available but will fix at best some oversights of kingdoms campaign features that are broken (i.e. the game was unfinished and not properly tested) It will not fix anything for M2TW. Also, there has been no updates on it for several months, meaning that it might not even come out at all.

    Thus 1 is there is no patch.
    2 the patches for kingdoms are installed automatically when you got it (1.2 + 1.3)
    3 You can check that Kingdoms is properly installed if it runs on your machine.
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