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Thread: I want to play Mafia :)

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    Default I want to play Mafia :)

    Hey there,

    I am kind of a veteran total war player in that I have played every campaign and expansion over the years.

    One of my friends got me hooked on shogun and I have kind of never looked back. When Medieval 1 was released my flatmate at the time got a copy so I got one two, unfortunately at the time our PC's couldn't handle a LAN game multi player so that his ass was saved.

    Rome would probably have been my favorite game of all time if I didn't play Guildwars, which I still play regularly. It is still my favorite game due to the fact I have been in top 20 guilds in this game - some people may actually know who I am on here, I don't know.

    I play medieval two campaigns at the moment, and I am in two minds about the mod that I am using, its custom with things like three times normal movement rate and some other things which I use to make the campaign faster.

    I do read most of the other parts of the forum when I see an interesting thread, and though I would love to get involved in multi player MTW2 I don't think my PC can handle it. I have ping issues with GW as well :(.

    Cutting a long story shot the main reason I joined was to play some mafia games because I think they are awesome.

    Joe :)
    Capo 3 comin up woohoo.

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    Default Re: I want to play Mafia :)

    Hi Joe Monks and welcome to the Org :wave:

    Try PM'ing the gameroom mod Andres and he should be able to sort it out for you.
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    Default Re: I want to play Mafia :)

    Well I have sent some PM's to game organisers - promoters, to get in and my pm has been cc'ed to andres - I need to show that I mature eneogh to be a member somehow :)
    Capo 3 comin up woohoo.

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    Default Re: I want to play Mafia :)

    That's easy

    All you gotta do is be kind in your posts. You can easily do that in the Entrance Hall here, or you can help some folks with your "veteran knowledge" . A few good posts and you should get promoted to member in no time (just don't spam )

    See you in Mafia and Welcome to the Org. !
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    Default Re: I want to play Mafia :)

    Hopefully you will be in Capo. Plently Junior Members where last time.

    Just make sure you've pm'ed Seamus.
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    Default Re: I want to play Mafia :)

    Hopefully I can be promoted before the off. I must be close to being promoted now

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    Default Re: I want to play Mafia :)

    Just pm Andres(Gameroom mod) and he'll promote you if you want play mafia, and Seamus (Capo host) for this particular game so he will count you in players.. (ONLY 1 day left)
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    Default Re: I want to play Mafia :)

    I spend a lot of time at work - tomorrows shift is 16 hours so I will not be back from work untill around 1am gmt, which might still make it if you guys are running on EST. I am unable to reach a computer at work that can connect to the Internet so I have to wait till I get home.

    However I now fear that I won't make the sign-up for Capo. If not there is always next-time, I will admit that my primary purpose of joining the forums is to play the game and others - it looks like a lot of fun.

    Thanks to Seamus in particular for replying to my pms :)

    Capo 3 comin up woohoo.

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    Default Re: I want to play Mafia :)

    THose seeking admission, please PM me. It is possible to be in Capo a day or two while operating via remote control as it were -- most of the game is "played" out of the thread for the first phases.
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    Default Re: I want to play Mafia :)

    Hey all,

    I just want to say thank you in public to Andres and Seamus. Its my first mafia ever. Thanks very much, it really is appreciated.

    Capo 3 comin up woohoo.


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