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Thread: How to incorporate RTW units into MTW2

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    Default How to incorporate RTW units into MTW2

    I am wondering if I can incorporate RTW units like "roman arcani" into MTW2.

    Find it very cool to have those units. Is there easy to do it? I am rather a beginner in moding. Is there any related thread on this?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: How to incorporate RTW units into MTW2

    Umm, not sure. There is this however. But that ironically does the opposite.
    The only other thing would be this at the twcenter . It's attempting to take the RTW era and slap it onto the M2TW engine, sounds pretty interesting to me, and so I'm keeping an eye on it. Hope that helps.
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    Default Re: How to incorporate RTW units into MTW2

    I always dream of having a small but elite crack infantry, masked and unknown as royal escorts & bodyguards for my generals. Best if this unit can also scale the walls without any ladders. Ninjas?

    Tried to incorporate battlefield assassins to my battalion, but not very satisfy with their appearance and slow action. They move like normal troops, should move more discreetly and invisible while moving as well.

    Any takers?


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