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    I'm writing a paper for my AP US history class and I'm using a letter and an agenda off a conference in my paper. How would I cite those? What about for footnotes?
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    While my text is running like this I come up with this quote here: "He who turns towards the sun draws his shadow behind him; he who turns against the sun goes after his shadow."¹

    ¹ Mouzafphaerre, Totalwar.ORG Wisdom, Vol. I "The Frontroom", p. 328
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    Not to sure how to cite unpublished stuff but...
    Here's a good website with lots of different citation styles. In my History courses we generally use Chicago style but if the teacher didn't specify they usually don't care so long as it's some sort of proper citation.
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    Since it's something from an archive (record kept for the functioning of an institution, presumably the one organizing the conference), an acceptable form according to my handbook on the subject would be:

    Agenda of [conference name/location and date], [name of archive], [section name], inv. nr. [whatever number it was given].

    But the format isn't necessarily important in such cases, as long as it's made clear where the reader can find the relevant document and verify the citation.
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