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Thread: Qarthadastim Recruitment problems

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    Hi all, I just wanted to ask why in some provinces, you are allowed to build units in the mercenary barracks, but when you build the regular barracks of your factions, you cannot train any units? I have not reached the Carthaginian reforms yet and I want to know what the point is to constructing factional barracks if you cannot recruit any units from them. I also do not know what regional MIC is and what it constitutes or royal barracks. I have looked in the FAQ and I do not know which are level 5, level 6, and which levels constitute which structures in order to acquire reforms. If anyone could help me, I would be grateful because I have 3 wars to fight, one with with Romans, one with the Ptolemaics, and one with the Iberians, all of which I could use strong reinforcements other than expensive mercenaries 8P.

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    The regional MIC is the 'mercenary barracks'. You require several of the highest level of them for the reforms.

    The reason that you cannot build any factional unit in some places is because the region does not have any units of that type. A system of preventing you from building a barracks in a region without units is too complex for the game engine, so you just have to learn that in some places the regional or factional MIC will be empty. See the recruitment veiwer for details of where units are available.


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