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Thread: Alliance Battles

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    Default Alliance Battles

    A rare event: A battle with an allied AI faction.

    I had this once in RTW with an army of Karthagians supported by Greek allies against the Romans on Sicily, and (as far as I recall) the first time in EB: A stack of Romans plus a stack of Makedonian allies against two stacks of Greeks. The Maks needed nearly for ever to deploy while I was desperatly fighting both Greek armies. But in the end their pikes turned the tide.

    Picture shows the final charge of both bodyguards, with Scipio left and the King of Makedonia right.

    Did you have battles with allies in EB?

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    Default Re: Alliance Battles

    In my AAR the Sands of Africa I was allied with the Aeudi and while fighting in Southern Gaul the Aeudi would often lend an army. It was fun making a roman sandwich between Carthage and the Aeudi. A very cool thing indeed!

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    Default AW: Alliance Battles

    Yes. I was Carthage, and had a little detachment of Gallic levies as borderguards. They had to help a also very little Aedui detachment that was attacked by a fairly big Arverni army. Needless to say the Arverni wiped us both out. This event started the Carthaginian - Arverni war, and they are very close to extinction by now.

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    Default Re: Alliance Battles

    As Rome, with the Luso against Carthage in Iberia. That's all I can recall.
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    Default Re: Alliance Battles

    ya- in my last roamni game, my garrison was called in by a medium sized force to assist them in ataacking a huge Epirote stacck. my garrison was small, so i held the back, and the KH lost.....
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    Default Re: Alliance Battles

    I had an allied battle some days ago: I had already taken Hellas as the Makedonai, wiping away every Epeirote in the region, thus confining them to Taras. I later offered them a ceasefire, trading rights, an alliance and demanded military access. Guess what? They accepted! Anyway, with my funds (2k mnai per year + about 10k mnai for one time) they took Arpi and then just waited. The Romani send one legion with auxullaries which wiped out every scattered Epeirote army and took Taras and one half stack army with mercenaries who besieged Arpi. I send a small mercenary force from Epeiros to aid my allies and whe fought the Romani together. My men perfomed exceptionally well, as did the few in number remaining Epeirotai and their king as well (one of Pyrrhos' sons). We managed to defeat the roman army, but soon later they cornered me, wiped out my forces and defeated the very last settlement of the Epeirotai... It was quite dramatic, but now I'm determined to take revenge!

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    Default Re: Alliance Battles

    Playing the Getai, attacking a town (The one in or around Slovenia) that the Romans began besieging and taking it.

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    Default Re: Alliance Battles

    Allied battles? Not happened to me since Shogun!
    Not one to be proud of, my allies declared war on me during the battle.
    Yeah, not too suprised I lost that one

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    Often enough. I got some great assistance from the Arche to capture Phraaspa. Naturally I had to ensure the AS general died while fighting with some buggers on the town square. Why risk my own troops?

    A good thing I ensured his death, as the Arche managed to betray me 1 turn later ...

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    Default Re: Alliance Battles

    A couple of times in RTW, once in EB, playing as the Getai. My Epeirote allies dragged me into the battle and into a war with Makedonia I didn't want. So, I'll do without them, thank you very much.
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    Default Re: Alliance Battles

    The weirdest thing was once my allies called for my help in a battle they were about to have in between turns and I chose to accept and came and helped. I wonder if there is a way to send similar requests as the human player but I never seemed to find out how.


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