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Thread: new EB sigs

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    Default new EB sigs

    well, in spare time away from EB over the past few months, i have been making some homemade sigs for the factions an EB. IIRC, only the saka and saba signatures would be allowed on the ORG pages, but you can put it anywhere else if you want. i have the getai one as my facebook profile pic......
    so here they are, just right-click, "copy image location" then paste wherever you want it to be!"

    i tried to find units for the sigs that were only for that faction.....
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    Default Re: new EB sigs

    They are very good. I like the units you selected. My suggestion would be to get different backgrounds and font colors for each factions.

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    Default Re: new EB sigs

    Yeah, put them on coastal cities, harbours, plain cities, desert cities, mountain cities, plains, forests, mountains, hills deserts, coast, ships in the background, etc

    Each being where each faction came from. That would make them perfect.

    Otherwise, they are very good. Two thumbs up.
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    Default Re: new EB sigs

    They are very good, but I'd change a few things:

    - As the others said, add a background of some kind. A small frame (1-2 pixels width) around it would look nice IMO (it would separate the image from the context around it)
    - Try to crop the faction name entirely; the small cropped "rectangular background" around it doesn't look very good
    - "Quisque est barbarus alio" in Times New Roman ruins it a bit, you should use another font... also, I'd write it in ALL CAPS (and "V"s instead of "U"s) so it looks more "latin-like"

    Otherwise, excellent composition and unit choice.
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