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Thread: Clash of titans: Drysdale vs Waddell

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    Default Clash of titans: Drysdale vs Waddell

    I realize that rowing isn't everyone's cup of tea. But I can't stand the idea that this struggle of strength goes unnoticed, particularly because it emphasizes for me all that high-level sport is about.

    Basically, New Zealand has the best single sculler in the world in the form of Mahe Drysdale, winner of multiple world championships. Easily the best of these days he was certain of his place representing New Zealand at the Olympics. But out of the blue Rob Waddell, gold medalist of the 2000 Games, decided to finish his break from rowing (acting as grinder for Team New Zealand) and attempt to qualify for the spot coveted by Drysdale.

    What has ensued is a clash of titans with few equals in the rowing sport, and exemplary for other disciplines. In the space of two months Waddell has made a phenomenal comeback, losing 20 kilos to improve his build for rowing, beating Drysdale twice (1 & 2), and in the meantime setting an unofficial world record for the 2k and 5k erg distances. The third encounter has however been won by Drysdale (link), making the final selection all the more unpredictable and leading to not a little controversy. For obvious reasons the clash is making a buzz in the world of rowing; we'll see in March (best out of three races) who goes...

    Just thought I'd spread the word on this outside the world of rowers and perhaps create a bit more interest in the sport as I go.

    Race 1
    Race 2
    Race 3

    May the best man win!
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