Lakota Mod
I have created this mod for America's extension specially to play Indian Wars in custom battles ; it contains a complete modding of the Chichimec Tribe into a Northern American Native Tribe

Presenting each units in images
Chichimec gunners

Zacateros Rider

Chichimec Rider

Zacateros Archers

War leader's Guard

GuaXiXil warrior

Medicine Men

Light Archer


Chichimec Lancer

Save your original files and replace with accuracy by mine in each folder

-As the battle_models.modeldb is already changed I had also to include in this pack The Apachean mod with some updates (Sprites) , The Us units available in the Spanish faction
(infantry units updated using sabre and able to fight back)
So it means that you can use this Modeldb. only ,if you mod the Apachean and the Us troops too ....
-Mounts (mustang) have been moddified since the mustang mod; as I have removed the back shield from the indian horses
-For the Winchester breech reloading please refer to this post.