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Thread: Skin problem with elephants

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    Default Skin problem with elephants

    Hi there!

    First, we have to say we use EB 0.81b. We won't upgrade it because we play more than a year on our Baktrian eradication campaign against Arche Seleukeia

    The problem is easily described with this screenie:

    We've recruited cataphract elephants, and we pay the wage for cataphract elephants. but as you can see, they don't look like it. they look like normal elephants. the cataphract skin is available, because in custom battle they look different, like cataphract elephants.
    Can you tell us how to change the skin?

    Thanks, your rycalawre

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    Default Re: Skin problem with elephants

    My God! How did that happen?

    Well that is a serious bug, we'll have to get bovi onto that one.

    Thank you very much for raising this issue, I hope it can be resolved quickly.

    Now, we just have to discover how an early pre-1.0 release managed to come out without full content...

    Its going to be tough.

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    Default Re: Skin problem with elephants

    We had another nice experience with Elephantes this night.

    First, a little correction about our version: Its 0.81a

    In the battle, which we posted the screen, we lost the half of our Elephantes. But we had another unit to "retrain" it. After that, it looks like this:

    How astonishing! Compared to our first screenie, there is only one archer per elephant, but in exchange, we have 6 elephants more! Good for us, but we don't think that should be like that ^^

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    Default Re: Skin problem with elephants

    Dude... you do realize the new elephants were released with 1.0... right?

    As in the skins in everything before 1.0 were placeholders... right?


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