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Thread: Campaign map Modding.

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    Default Campaign map Modding.

    Well, its my first day here, and i m excited about learning how to mod the campaign map and units asap since i have many ideas which i consider are quite good.

    Well, i ll make this short, i read the guide : and followed the steps, i think i now can handle the modding smoothly, ( of those basics steps ) since i remember by heart what to do. BUT i ve never been able to make the game run ( the Province-Campaign ) since the "error" option which i ve enabled always found bugs and the like. Well, after some hours i managed to fix them all. BUT a problem still remains. Which is that sometimes the game would say that i cant place a settlement in a certain tile, so i chose Campus Sarmatae to make a erm... well sortta pilot mode and see if i could run the game. WELL... the result is that the game tells ( trouble shooter ) me that the settlement cant be created, NOT that the tile i chose is incorrect, but rather that the settlement cant be created.

    Im using RTW gold edition, without patches whatsoever. ( and the mods are taking place within RTW, not BI.

    Thanks in advance, Birdman.

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    Default Re: Campaign map Modding.

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    Default Re: Campaign map Modding.

    Symptom: KTM's with message on exit: 'Script error in .../descr_strat.txt, at line xxx, column x. could not create settlement at script line xxx

    * Mis-match between colour on map_regions.tga and colour listed in descr_regions.txt for affected settlement.
    * Using identical colour for two different regions.

    I ve double, tripple checked both. It must be another thing. The screen ALMOST loads ( the loading bar DOESNT appear, but nevertheless, i dont get kicked to the previous menu straight away, a black screen appears for a second and then i m kicked to the previous menu.

    any thoughts?

    if i make a breakthrough here i might start something bigger sometime :P

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    Default Re: Campaign map Modding.

    well, coz i think that posting the same in 3 different posts is useless i ll reduce it to here. I hope pple DO read it.

    Well, after getting really frustrated with the stuff above ( i have the feeling it was coz i hadnt added the region to the mercenary pool ) but well, i have 2 new campaigns as sortta tests... and none works, both have an issue with the settlement name not being in descr_strat in the stringtable.. checked the possible stuff in the link given above. Its no there... oh well... i m really sad.. and well, i dont feel like actually playing vanilla coz my pc s just too sucky, so i was hoping to focus just on modding till i get a new pc...

    Did i mention i needed help?

    Thanks, Birdman.

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    Default Re: Campaign map Modding.

    Hi Birdman, welcome to the forums ... ;)

    I'd like to start by pointing out to you that "no-one" is able to help you based on the info you have given us so far ... map-making, or for that matter, modding by itself, is a detailed task, a miniscule error could cause your entire game from running ..

    I see you've already been pointed towards Makanyane's compilantion of why you could have issue's with your map and Myrddraal's tutorial about map-making ... they are your life-line .. :)

    Anyway if those 2 topics in particular arent able to help you, I really suggest you upload your modded map somewhere and/or copy-and-paste some data over here so we can ... er .. review your work ... ;)

    as you may not have noticed this, did you delete the "map.rwm" and "map_heights.hgt" file from your "Rome - Total War\Data\world\maps\base" folder ??

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    Default Re: Campaign map Modding.

    If you upload the files, we could perhaps find the error.

    Modding can be very frustrating when it doesn't work, but it will eventually

    Welcome to the forums.

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    Default Re: Campaign map Modding.

    well, just forget about this post, i ve given up with MAP modding ( for now, now i m actually modifying the starting positions, diplo and the like ( with quite a lot of success actually, i ve been working on the bugs all day and have a running version, but i m greedy so i m making yet more mods ( dont worry, i got a backup copy of the pre- finished working version ( with no crashes to desktop or ktm )


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