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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Default Hi everyone

    hi everyone,
    I'm a new 'member' and I think this forum is the most appropriate to post a guestbook topic.
    So, I'd like to tell you guys some things. It's been 2 years I know this site, but I never tought about registering...
    So now it's done, I can finally talk with people who love Total war games (I think).
    I know I'm still a young boy (15), but all those modders really interest me and I'd like to become one too later.
    These are the forums where the modders meet,or not...?
    Well, anyway I love RTR and problem is :not one of my relatives knows it, but now I have someone to talk with.
    Hope I'll enjoy it


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    Default Re: Hi everyone

    Greetings Permenion, welcome to the Org

    yes lots of modders hang out here, you should be able to find lots of useful information in the scriptorium for RTW, if you try modding and get stuck feel free to ask questions in Modding Questions

    If you're interested in M2TW as well that has a separate set of forums, and there are lots of other more chat orientated forums. Make yourself at home
    Not used mods before? Looking for something small and fun?!
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    Default Re: Hi everyone

    Welcome to the Org, Permenion.
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    Default Re: Hi everyone

    I joined last month and I can say that this forum is the best for total war in terms of:
    -Quality (in depth discussions)
    -Filtering (hardly a swear word)
    -Quick response time(depending on the subforum)

    But to get the full scoop, you gotta see it for yourself. You won't be disappointed!
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    Default Re: Hi everyone

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    Post Re: Hi everyone

    Welcome to the .Org Permenion
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    Default Re: Hi everyone

    Greetings Permenion.

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    Default Re: Hi everyone

    Welkom Permenion

    Grimbergen... lekker biertje
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    Ja mata, TosaInu

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    Default Re: Hi everyone

    Greetings Permenion, I am Australan Royty, and I need you to send me money. Please ignore the fact I cant spell Australan...or Royty.

    Enjoy your stay.
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