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Thread: RTR with noCD

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    Unhappy RTR with noCD

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new here and I immediatly a new question
    I got Rome Total War for my birthday couple of years ago, but it wasn't a real CD ( I mean it was a copy, with the game data spread over 3 different CD's) and I put a NOCD on it. So now I had seen the previews and stuff on the official RTR site, I downloaded the 6.0 version and the 6.2. patch. I followed all instructions...
    When I try to start the game, unfortunately, I see the RTR loading screen appearing for 3 secs and then it just quits the game.
    Now i was wondering if it could be because I don't have a real TW cd or is it just a bug in the mod?
    Any suggestions, help is welcome.

    Note: I do have changed the requested settings from true to false


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    Default Re: RTR problem

    You're not allowed to discuss anything to do with possibly dodgy versions of Total War discs here - please re-phrase your question and amend title. Also if you have problem specific to RTR it might be better to ask in their forum.

    I think their most active one is actually on TWC
    (same rules about talking about discs apply there too)

    EDIT: nvm I just remembered you won't have edit button I will have to get someone else to adjust / delete your post. Please don't discuss noCD again!
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    Default Re: RTR problem

    Discussion of Warez/Illegal copies of any game are not allowed on this forum. Closed.


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