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Thread: Help with last Oda battle

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    Default Help with last Oda battle

    Can someone please tell me how to beat Takeda in the last Oda campaign battle?
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    Default Re: Help with last Oda battle

    Ah, cool that you ask. I've had my problems with those campaigns in the past as well.

    I loved the Oda campaign, it was the only one I managed to win all the missions.

    About the last one, right from the start I ran all my forces towards the forest. Really, right at the start, let them run! Otherwise, you'll be too late. Then, you engage Takeda in the forest, and since takeda has almost only cav, he loses heavily in the forest.

    In the battle in the forest, make sure you have no arq's fighting on their own, or anything else that may cause your men to rout. try to hit enemies from behind here and there, and especially, prevent your enemy from doing so.

    That's the way I finally won this one.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Help with last Oda battle

    Another thing to consider: these are samurai, and would jump at the honor to buy time for the rest of their clan by sacrificing themselves. Add this to the advice Drisos has given and you should be able to win consistently. I don't remember the units available, but slow ones (naginata) are a good choice for the ultimate sacrifice. Whatever the unit(s), Hold/Hold so they die slower, buying the rest more time to reach the woods.
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