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    I used to play it.It was OK.Not EB though.I consider it somewhat between vanilla and EB.
    What about you guys?
    Also,why are some cities located differently in the two mods?Are there doubts as to their actual location?

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    Sorry, but it's generally not a good idea to ask on one of these two fora what the fans of it think about the other one. I don't think you mean any harm by it, but sometimes it can get a little testy so the policy is to close those threads before it happens (otherwise one mod team's members wonder why the other mod team allows "complaint A" or "fanboy rant B" to be said about their mod on the other forum, and sometimes gets irritated by it - happens both ways I'm sure).

    I will say that each team decided some cities/regions were more important than others - there is not a final set list set in stone somewhere that says "X, Y, Z, etc. were the 199 most important cities in the 270's BCE".


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