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Thread: CTD rebel turn weird casse family member

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    Question CTD rebel turn weird casse family member

    EB 1.0 + Permanent fixes
    Romani Summer 187 BC

    Problem : Consistant CTD on rebel turn. After initial CTD I replicated it 3 times with script, 1 time without for 5 straight CTDs.

    Savegame (ro12w3a.rar) :

    Observation : The last area of screen focus is near the city of Eburonum where an unexplained Casse Family Member 'Beredos' is present.

    The group consists of FM + 3 celtic slingers. On checking the bodyguard is also slingers.

    Any help appreciated as I am sooooooo close to Marian Reforms...

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    Default Re: CTD rebel turn weird casse family member

    I've seen this once before. The Casse character is not a bug. He is spawned so that the new governor of Eburonum gets visible. I had to use this technique in order to get the replacement of Eleutheroi governors to work. Beredos is not supposed to survive though. Immediately before your turn he should have been smashed to pieces by Nautius and the garrison including the invisible new governor Dentupes which after the battle will be visible and appear as a normal character. What differs in your case from the only example I've seen of this before is that you get a CTD, I didn't, and in my case Beredos was attacked one turn later instead. Don't really know what can cause this, but I would suggest that you reload an earlier save, not the latest and try again. I will get really worried if this thing will repeat itself once more even when you start from that earlier save, but on the other hand I'm not really convinced that it is Beredos that is causing the crash since he didn't in my case.

    Regards, Eminos.
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