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Thread: [bi]Shield texture duplication

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    Default [bi]Shield texture duplication

    I am trying to replace the shield texture of the WRE comitatenses with something like this:

    Unfortunatly the texture duplicates itself four times on the shield. Is there any way through this?

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    Default Re: [bi]Shield texture duplication

    You'd need 3dsmax to alter the way the texture is mapped onto the model.

    If you don't have 3dsMax check if there is a similar model for one of the other factions that has a half and half mapping to the shield already (doubtful that there would be anything close enough - but worth a try)

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    Default Re: [bi]Shield texture duplication

    you have the same issue as I had;


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    Default Re: [bi]Shield texture duplication

    I haven't checked myself but I'm pretty sure that style is inc in Attila's late romans which can be found here..


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