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    Just this minute joined this site,although i'm certainly no recent player of MTW.

    I would like to ask a question relating to the battle tutorials. Even though i bought this game when it first came out, i've never been very competent on the last tutorial......namely...antioch! What annoy's me is that at the start one of the seige engine's takes a lot of damage from arrows fired from god knows where. I've tried to move the crew away but i don't think thats possible. Like i said, i can win, but i'd like to know your tactics for it has always annoyed the hell out of me! How do you play this tutorial?

    Thankyou Kindly


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    I don't remember if you can place your siege engines yourself or if they are placed for you in the tutorial. If it's pssible to place them yourself you should place them somewhere further from the arrow/ballista towers.

    If you want to save your crew after they've done there work or protect them when the siege engines themselves are attacked, you can withdraw the engineers (CTRL + W). You'll be able to use the siege unit again in a later battle, even when the siege engine was destroyed. Just remember to halt there withdrawal if you want to use them still in that battle. Unfortunatly you can only man a siege engine with it's original crew.

    Last, but not least: I can understand that you want to do things perfectly but there is no such thing in war. Especially sieges will always be bloody.
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    Thankyou for the reply phill.
    The seige engines are placed for you so there's no way of avoiding the damage done. So in this tutorial you're really only using three instead of four.....because the left sided one only has about 6 or 7 shots before it's put out of action...or less. So there's lots of ammo left......but no crew! What a waste. I don't want to make a big thing out of it as it's only a tutorial,but like i said above i've always found that bloody annoying

    In fact i always move all the troops back a few paces because they take damage as well from the arrow slits in the towers.....until the remaining catapults etc do their work on the towers

    Why not load the tutorial yourself and you'll see what i mean :)


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    In situations such as these I always found it helpful to take a unit of archers (or peasants or anything cheap and numerous) in loose formation and drag them out in front of the siege engines to soak up the arrows or most of them at least. Pin cushion...


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