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Thread: BUG. RTW/EB. Battle problems

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    Default BUG. RTW/EB. Battle problems

    If this is already been talked about, sorry. This is a lengthy site.

    I have 2 different battle glitches right now. They both involve the same army of mine.

    1. There is 2 enemy armies to the north and if I attack I get the typical speech, then deployment, and then total game freeze when I hit 'start battle' (no error messages). It happens every time (with this battle). Even when I go back a couple saves and redo everything.

    2. The same army (of mine) has an (enemy) army a little to the south. When I attack that army there is no speech & no deployment, just goes strait into battle and my troops are lined up poorly (like mine and the enemy armies make up a lowercase t where their army is the line that CROSSES) making a major disadvantage.

    Has anyone else had these glitches? Perhaps I should just simulate these battles and move on hoping this glitch won't happen again?

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